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August 14, 2008 07:30 ET

PureSpectrum, Inc. to Build Full CFL Prototype Product Line for Prospective Licensing Partners

Emerging Lighting Technology Company to Create Full Family of Designs for 23-Watt, 42-Watt, 14-Watt and 9-Watt Dimmable CFL Bulbs

SAVANNAH, GA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2008) - PureSpectrum, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PSPM) has begun the process of manufacturing a full product line of dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) prototypes as the technology company accelerates its transition from research and development into production and distribution.

PureSpectrum has contracted with enerSave, an independent engineering firm specializing in lighting located in New York, to build the bulbs. The company expects to complete engineering and design work for a dimmable 23-watt CFL spiral by the end of August and plans to complete work on multiple variations of 23-watt, 42-watt, 14-watt and 9-watt dimmable CFL lamps by the end of the year.

During the past four months, PureSpectrum has undergone a rapid maturation as technology advancements have allowed the company to expand the range of product applications for its technology and recognize new potential markets within the lamp and fixture industry. Concurrently, the company has added to its infrastructure while also strengthening its external resources in anticipation of additional growth.

PureSpectrum has been engaged in ongoing discussions with multiple prospective licensing partners for the company's unique dimmable ballast technology. President and CEO Lee Vanatta said building a full line of dimmable prototypes will allow PureSpectrum proof of concept as well as enable the company to secure safety approvals for the designs from Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that will expedite the manufacturing process once a licensing agreement has been reached.

"When we gain UL and FCC approvals, the manufacturers we are in discussions with will be able to rapidly integrate our design for a dimmable CFL into its production line with minimal modifications, shortening the lag time between a licensing agreement and bringing an actual product powered by PureSpectrum technology to market," said Vanatta, who said the designs will consist of a standard Edison mount CFL bulb with an integrated PureSpectrum ballast. "By enabling the manufacturers to quickly introduce a dependable dimmable CFL product, we will also accelerate the realization of substantial revenue generation from licensing agreements for PureSpectrum. It is our expectation that multiple manufacturers will bring dimmable CFL products built with PureSpectrum technology to market by the first quarter of 2009."

PureSpectrum owns multiple patents and patents pending for innovative electronic ballast technology for fluorescent lighting. Lighting industry experts and government analysts have declared dimming to be a primary issue as the lighting industry transitions away from incandescent bulbs, and Vanatta said lamp and fixture manufacturers are beginning to earnestly seek an immediately implementable dimmable CFL solution.

"We have recognized a heightened sense of urgency surrounding the issue of dimming, and we believe building product prototypes will enable manufacturers to realize their objective more quickly," Vanatta said. "At the same time, the process of constructing a full line of dimmable PureSpectrum CFL products will allow us the chance to more readily introduce our dimmable technology to additional manufacturers."

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PureSpectrum (PINKSHEETS: PSPM) is a publicly traded technology company founded and headquartered in Savannah, Ga. The company's values are grounded in an awareness of the increasing urgency to identify more efficient energy solutions. PureSpectrum currently holds the rights to multiple patents and patent applications related to an electronic ballast design which would produce a soft switching environment during power conversion for artificial lighting. PureSpectrum will continue its commitment to researching, developing and refining ideas that will provide the most energy efficient, cost effective methods for powering artificial light. For more information on PureSpectrum, please call (912) 961-4980 or visit

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