SOURCE: Purific of America, Inc.

July 14, 2008 15:23 ET

Purific of America Offers Affordable Water Filtration Technology

Bottle Water vs Tap -- We Have the Solution!

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - PURIFICA recently launched a breakthrough in personal water filtration. With headquarters in Tampa and distributors throughout the state of Florida, Purific of America introduces consumers to affordable water filtration technology.

With a strong, proven track record of 10 years in South America, Purific Brazil lends its history and credibility to Purifica and Purific of America. Purifica's water filtration systems implement 'filtration by gravity' technology in three stages.

First stage, the Puricell Purific Filter Element retains sediments, or organic materials, and micro particles; removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, ammonia, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and chrome; eliminates bacteria, and bad odor and taste. Among the materials used in the filter is the babacu coconut from Brazil.

Second, a Far Infra-red Plate emits infra-red energy that replaces the water's natural properties and revitalizes the liquid.

Lastly, a magnetic field transforms the water into a more powerful solvent to eliminate the body's toxins by changing the molecular structure to flush out toxins.

"I got so excited when I learned about Purifica and the new technology offered at affordable prices, I bought the company," said Jim Cheatham, CEO. At the time, Cheatham was advising Purific Brazil management regarding its quest to launch in the U.S.

Purifica strives to provide health, longevity and quality of life with each glass of water. Its high-quality water purification systems offer a convenient, green, eco-friendly and economic solution to eliminating the need for trucks, plastic bottles and wasted water with its new approach.

Purific Brazil was founded in 1998 producing high-quality water purifiers. Today, Purific Brazil has expanded to over 6,000 sales representatives serving over a million customers in Brazil, and other parts of South America, Europe, China and the U.S. The company is a member of the International Water Quality Association and the products carry the NSF Seal of approval.

Purific of America, Tampa, Fla., acquired the marketing and distribution rights for the U.S. from Brazil-based Purific, with manufacturing plants in Brazil.

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