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June 09, 2009 08:00 ET

Purio Proves Sewage to Safe Water; New Lab Report Confirms

BLAINE, WA--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Purio (OTCBB: PURO) is pleased to report that it has received the independent lab analysis report on the Campbell River, BC Showcase sewage samples obtained during operations on the weekend of May 24th, 2009. During the Showcase the transportable water purification system drew its influent from a wastewater septic tank into which city sewage had been transported. The Purio system, which uses no membrane filters or chlorine, and uses no delicate biological process once again demonstrated its remarkable capability in clarifying and sanitizing sewage to safe disposal guidelines (and beyond) as summarized below.

"Purio is a company with an attitude," smiles Earl Switenky, Purio Chairman, "that is, a completely different attitude, compared to conventional waste-water treatment systems in use today. Purio sees residential wastewater as a precious resource rather than a nuisance to be disposed of. Our company sees sewage being made up of about 95% pure water, mixed with organic materials and pathogens. The organic materials may themselves be used for composting or fertilizer. The process that we've developed simply separates the components very efficiently and kills the pathogens in a single pass, producing water of a high quality that is recyclable, not simply disposable."

Leonard Girard, Chief Science Officer with Purio explains some of the terms used in the Lab Analysis. "pH refers to the alkalinity (higher pH) or acidity (lower pH) of water, a pH of 7 is considered neutral; the closer the output water is to 7 the less detrimental effect it has on the receiving waters to which it is released. Turbidity refers to the cloudiness of water caused by both dissolved and suspended particles. At 150 NTU's the water is very cloudy and at the 0.4 NTU level it is as clear as tap-water. Suspended Solids refers to the amount of material that is mixed in the water but not dissolved. It causes cloudiness and is related to the turbidity. Biological Oxygen Demand refers to the amount of oxygen that the wastewater would consume if it were released into a pond or stream and the organic compounds contained in it were allowed to decompose there. High numbers mean high oxygen consumption that would kill fish and other aquatic animal life forms. Chemical Oxygen Demand refers to the same phenomenon but is specific to inorganic compounds that consume oxygen when they decompose. Nitrogen and Phosphorus are nutrients which may cause algae blooms that upset the natural balance of a marine biosystem to the detriment of wildlife. E. coli, and fecal coliforms are bacteria which cause serious illness or death to humans who ingest them. Most open water discharge standards do not require total sterility, however the Purio system is designed to strive for absolute sterility in order to maximize the safety of our discharge water to animal life and humans."

Daryl English, Purio President, says, "The Purio Technology has, once again, proven an even higher level of capability in managing the world's water crisis. Observers of this demonstration potentially represented commercial and humanitarian prospective clients from several places around the globe including the UK, Middle East, Africa, India and China. Recent feedback from international visitors indicates a strong interest in developing business relationships in the major markets of the world including China. Talks have already begun to determine the details of Purio's entry into these giant populations."

The lab tested some 22 organic, inorganic and bacteriological analytes and the table below summarizes some of the most critical ones, again proving the powerful effectiveness of the Purio System.


Sample date: 05-24-09        RAW SEWAGE        PURIO FINISHED   REDUCTION
pH                          7.23 pH units      7.22 pH units  0.01 pH units
Turbidity                     75 NTU's           0.22 NTU's     down  99.7%
Total Suspended Solids        302 mg/L             < 1 mg/L     down  99.9%
Biological Oxygen Demand      197 mg/L             33 mg/L      down 83.25%
Chemical Oxygen Demand        285 mg/L             93 mg/L      down 67.37%
Ammonia Nitrogen              43.2 mg/L           2.17 mg/L     down 94.98%
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen       64.2 mg/L            4.9 mg/L     down 92.37%
Total Phosphorus              8.52 mg/L           0.03 mg/L     down 99.65%
E. Coli                  3,500,000 MPN/100mL    < 1 Col/100 ml  down   100%
Fecal Coliform bacteria  3,500,000 MPN/100mL    < 1 Col/100 ml  down   100%
Total Coliform bacteria  16,000,000 MPN/100 mL  < 1 Col/100 ml  down   100%

" < " not detected at level stated above, mg/L = Milligrams per liter,
MPN/100mL = Most Probable Number/100 mL, Col/100mL = Colonies per 100
milliliters, NTU's = Nephelometric turbidity units

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