November 28, 2007 18:56 ET

Puroast® Offers Great Tasting Low Acid Coffee and They Can Prove It

In a Time When Health Claims Are Rarely Substantiated, One Company Offers Scientific Proof

WOODLAND, CA--(Marketwire - November 28, 2007) - Puroast® Low Acid Coffee is now flying off the shelves at your local supermarket for two big reasons: it's got smooth, gourmet coffee taste and has less than half the acid of all other brands. Puroast® is the only true low acid coffee in the market and they can prove it.

An ancient roasting method discovered in the Andes Mountains combined with advanced, sustainable energy technology is the key to Puroast®'s unique qualities. The company founders realized that changing the heat delivery method during roasting drastically changed the coffee pH and reduced acid levels by more than 50%. This chemistry was proven in research conducted and published by the University of California, Davis and their renowned researcher Dr. Taka Shibamoto.

Other companies are also marketing coffee that they claim is "low acid," but Puroast® is the only company that releases the data from their research. Company CEO Kerry Sachs believes this is crucial in the communication to the consumer. "Our company has gone to great lengths to document the product chemistry," explains Sachs. "While there are many ways to promote the qualities of coffee, there really should be only one way to communicate about the acid content, and that is with verifiable data." Puroast® has begun to work with various regulatory agencies such as the FDA and FTC to establish standards for low acid claims on coffee.

Last year alone, Americans spent $942 million dollars on over-the-counter antacids and an astounding $13.6 billion dollars on prescription acid suppressants. Industry analysts project that with some 50 million coffee drinkers experiencing some degree of stomach distress, the low acid coffee market could continue to experience rapid growth. Ultimately, instead of "decaf or regular?" the barista at your local coffee shop may be asking you "regular or low acid?"

Puroast®'s Low Acid Coffee is now found in supermarkets and specialty stores throughout the US, including Ralphs, Bristol Farms, Kroger's, Albertson's, Hannaford, Sweet Bay, Shaw's, Save Mart, Giant, Smith's, Fry's, King's Soopers and other fine retailers nationwide.

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