October 01, 2014 08:00 ET

Putting Org Charts Online Equals Fast Growth for Canadian Start Up

Waterloo-based Organimi Reaches 125K Member Level by Mapping Overlooked Need for Organizational Transparency

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 1, 2014) - Without the benefit of a multi-million dollar ad campaign, Canadian start up Organimi is quietly becoming a noteworthy success adding nearly 10,000 new members per month to its free online org chart service. Organimi has just crossed the threshold of 125,000 organization members in its free online service by the end of the year. If current trends persist, Organimi expects to cross the 1 million organization member threshold in the coming year.

The company has more than doubled its registrations since May of this year and expects to accelerate this pace in the fall. The company attributes its growth to the simple idea of creating a free solution for a problem that goes unresolved in my organizations despite the rapid pace of innovation over the course of the past decade.

"Today organizations are changing almost daily but too often the static org chart is something that is printed out on paper and sits in a drawer," says Eric Apps, Co-founder and President of Organimi. "Organimi is free, fast and easy to use and lets you dynamically map the constantly changing relationships in your business."

In a business environment that has shifted from being staid and highly structured to constantly changing and team oriented, the need to update the traditional org chart has been largely overlooked in most organizations. The movement to online, cloud based solutions has gone ahead while org charts stood still in many organizations and as a result have become overlooked and underutilized.

"The simple question of who does what has never gone away. In fact when you think about how project teams come and go all the time in business the need is greater than ever when we are shifting to project based work," says Ayelet Baron, Speaker and Thought Leader on the future of work. "Organizations struggle to find the right people at the right time to collaborate and the org chart is the simple method to answer that question. It is not surprising that when a company like Organimi offers a dynamic, online, free and easy solution, the demand will take off. Organimi addresses a critical business need that is too often overlooked."

Organimi, is a free online solution that allows any individual or organization to map out teams and show relationships and reporting pathways that are often critically important in helping people organize relationships around roles and responsibilities.

At a basic level, the photo board function within the application allows people to simultaneously put a face to a name and add in detail on what they know about that individual, their skills and talents. Most importantly the chart can be updated dynamically by as few or as many authorized editors as any organization sees beneficial.

"We set out to first and foremost make it easy. Being cloud based, Organimi means you don't need to install software, and our solution will work with you from any browser on any platform giving you access and info when you need it from wherever you are," said Apps. "We initially thought we would be something an entrepreneurial small business would take advantage and while that is true we are also seeing adoption from business organizations that number in the tens and hundreds of thousands of employees. It validates our perspective that this need is wide and deep."

As the pace of growth maintains and increases, Organimi plans to expand its service offering to provide a variety of premium services and expand the utility of the service. Organimi is free for the first 500 users in any organization and attributes part of its early success to creating a barrier free access to an easy and effective tool to create, update and share org charts. The company believes that this core value and focus will ensure that the company continues to get an ever growing user base who will keep their organizational map online with Organimi and make the task of staying organized easier to stay on top of in the process.

About Organimi

Whether you're part of a team, a leader or a manager in your organization the ability to manage, engage and collaborate is crucially important to your success. At Organimi we are focused on providing you with a simple and effective way to help you map your shifting organizational relationships in a constantly changing world.

Founded in 2013 around this simple but compelling vision, Waterloo based Organimi is the creation of co-founders Eric Apps and Brett Shellhammer who set out to create a unique, simple, free and easy-to-use web based organizational mapping tools that change org charts into dynamic tools for intelligent collaboration.

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