August 18, 2011 10:31 ET

Putting the Power of Information in the Hands of Allergy Sufferers

REACTINE® Launches New Allergy Forecast at the Height of Ragweed Season

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 18, 2011) -

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As many as nine million allergy sufferers across Canada now have a new tool to tackle hay fever season. Launched today, the REACTINE® Allergy Forecast for iPhone®, is the first and only iPhone app in Canada that provides three-day allergy and weather forecasts. Now sufferers can take control of their allergies by planning ahead, knowing when allergy symptoms are likely to be at their worst.

"We keep hearing patients complain of worsening allergy symptoms that are lasting for a longer period of time," says Dr. Susan Waserman, Professor of Medicine, Division of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, McMaster University. "What many people don't realize is how factors such as changing weather patterns can have an impact on how people are experiencing their symptoms."

The effect of environmental issues, like climate change on pollen counts, have been recently documented. A 2010 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found an extended allergy season in several parts of North America, including regions in Canada. In the most-affected areas, ragweed season has been extended by as long as a month.

While these environmental factors related to allergies are difficult to control, people can control how they manage their allergy symptoms. The REACTINE® Allergy Forecast lets allergy sufferers know when their symptoms are likely to be at their worst, due to high airborne pollen counts.

REACTINE® is serious about allergies. Through the REACTINE® Allergy Forecast, the power to manage allergy symptoms is now in the hands of those who suffer. By providing information three days in advance, allergy sufferers know what they need to do to appropriately plan ahead.

About the REACTINE® Allergy Forecast

The REACTINE® Allergy Forecast is powered by Ottawa-based Aerobiology Research, a leader in aerobiology specializing in outdoor aeroallergens. Aerobiology Research is the definitive source of pollen and fungal spore levels in Canada and uses professionally-trained experts to ensure the accuracy of its results.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories has stations for 30 major centres across Canada. Samples are collected for 24 hours and couriered to the laboratory in Ottawa where they are analyzed through optical microscopy. Each particle on a sample is identified individually and tallied, and through statistical formulas, the counts are converted to particles per cubic meter of air.

Aerobiology uses its own internally trained staff to perform the analysis, supported by a highly computerized process to ensure quality and efficiency.

"We know that one of the best defenses against allergy symptoms is regularly taking allergy medication," says Dr. Waserman. "The REACTINE® Allergy Forecast is a great tool that provides an early-warning system for sufferers so they can act proactively, rather than waiting until the symptoms are already in full effect."

The REACTINE® Allergy Forecast for iPhone is available for free download from the App Store(SM).

About McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Canada):

McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Canada), Division of Johnson & Johnson Inc., markets a broad range of well known and trusted over the counter (OTC) products, including TYLENOL®, REACTINE®, MOTRIN®, ROLAIDS®, IMODIUM® AND ZANTAC®.

Dr. Susan Waserman is available for interviews to discuss the changing environmental factors that are having a dramatic impact on Canadian allergy sufferers. She can also highlight ways to combat the worsening symptoms.

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