Cleanfield Energy

Cleanfield Energy

December 16, 2010 03:00 ET

Putting Wind Turbines on City Rooftops-Cleanfield Energy Gaining International Attention

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 16, 2010) -

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Cleanfield Energy™, an innovative young company based in Toronto, Ontario, is installing its wind turbines on city rooftops and in urban areas around the world.

It's a radical departure from the large wind farms that have been developed in the past. Instead of locating turbines in rural and remote areas, and then having to build towers and transmission lines to get the power to market, Cleanfield Energy™ has pioneered a turbine that can be placed on or near the buildings that use the power.

"The market potential for urban wind is quite massive," says Tony Verrelli, CEO of the company. Cleanfield Energy is a subsidiary of Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc., which is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto under the symbol AIR.

Cleanfield's vision is to create systems of distributed power generation with hundreds of thousands of turbines producing energy at the point of use. Its Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) are turning this vision into reality.

The company's proprietary VAWTs are designed and engineered specifically for the variable and chaotic winds that are characteristic of urban environments. "Working with McMaster University, and with funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, we were able to develop this advanced technology which is now attracting the attention of leading architects, engineers, real estate owners and operators," says Verrelli. To date, Cleanfield's wind turbines have been installed in the U.S., Canada, Slovenia, China and Ireland. "We expect to be in a number of new markets in the months ahead," Verrelli adds.

In fact, Cleanfield worked closely with Queen's School of Business and Cornell University – The Johnson School to develop a UK market entry strategy. Starting in 2011, Cleanfield will focus on the UK market because the electricity prices in the UK are significant and the UK's feed-in tariff program reduces the payback period for consumers purchasing renewable energy products. Cleanfield is currently in the process of applying for the MCS certification and testing its V3.5 VAWT, which are requirements for qualifying for the UK feed-in tariff program.


The following are compelling features of Cleanfield's small wind turbine technology:

  •  The VAWTs are designed to: effectively capture the characteristically turbulent and moderate winds in urban settings; be mounted on a rooftop or monopole or integrated into building designs; operate quietly; virtually eliminate vibration through customized operating software which also optimizes efficiency, reliability and life expectancy.
  • The Company's proprietary inverter and sensor board are engineered with safety and performance enhancing features such as monitoring of vibration, generator temperature and ambient temperature, over-speed protection and optimization of aspect and tip speed ratios and power coefficient.
  • The use of VAWTs reduces carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and provide points for LEED certification.

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