SOURCE: PVC Bendit Inc.

PVC Bendit Inc.

May 23, 2011 08:15 ET

PVC Bendit Is Shaping the Future of PVC by Providing a New Tool to Bend PVC Pipe for Entirely New and Innovative Uses

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - May 23, 2011) - Reese Delorey, President of PVC Bendit, announces that PVC Bendit Inc. has opened its online store at PVC Bendit is the only PVC bending system that heats pipe from the inside enabling uniform rapid heating of the PVC pipe. Bendit fills a need for all users of PVC to reliably and flexibly bend PVC pipe. It also opens the door for entirely new uses for PVC because it enables bending lengths up to 18 feet and up to 4 inches in diameter into nearly any curved shape without misshaping, crimping, or changing the properties of the PVC. Prior to PVC Bendit bending PVC was difficult, inconsistent, expensive, and even dangerous. With the PVC Bendit tool bending PVC has become simple, affordable, consistent, and safe.

The company will also provide the Build-A-Bend system to assist in the bending process and to enable repeating the same precise bend on multiple pieces of pipe. This will be especially useful when attempting to build multiple items of the same shape and form factor, for example greenhouse hoops. The Build-A-Bend System is a set of precut pipe sections and an instruction process for aligning those pieces to create forms that will be used to bend PVC Pipe into precise repeatable shapes.

When demonstrating PVC Bendit for a 22 year hardware store professional, he exclaimed, "This is amazing. I have had customers looking for this for years."

Brooks Owens, who operates, said, "Very neat device! ... The Bendit looks like a winner to me. You've filled a need and I'm sure there are many avenues to profit with that baby."

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