June 14, 2007 11:30 ET

PyroPhotonics Launches Industry's Most Flexible Laser for Industrial Microprocessing Applications

PyroFlex, the first industrial pulsed laser to truly shape pulse parameters to exact specifications, reduces time-to-market and lowers end-user costs

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - June 14, 2007) - PyroPhotonics today announced that it has introduced PyroFlex, the world's first industrial pulsed laser that is capable of truly shaping pulse parameters to exact specifications for microprocessing applications. PyroFlex will be on display at LASER 2007 World of Photonics, which is being held in Munich, Germany from June 18-21.

Today's pulsed lasers generally utilize the Q-switching mechanism for creating high power laser pulses. However, with this technique the pulse characteristics are "baked into" each individual laser design, and cannot generally be altered by the user in order to optimize his process. When a new laser-based manufacturing process is developed, a system integrator, often partnering with an application development lab, will experimentally determine which make and model of laser device has pulse and other characteristics best adapted to the process requirements. Because Q-switched lasers lack the flexibility to adapt to different material systems and processes, it usually takes a great deal of time and effort to identify the best laser and to develop an acceptable laser-based process.

"Often, it requires a six-to-nine month process of trial and error to get a laser to operate as closely as possible to what's needed," said Dr. Malcolm Gower, former Chairman and Technical Director of Exitech Ltd., a UK-based systems integrator specializing in the use of lasers for micro and nanofabrication industry applications. "In many cases the best available pulse characteristics are still not ideal, which causes problems in the manufacturing process, in turn causing quality issues, slow throughput and low yield."

PyroPhotonics' new PyroFlex is the first technology that can flexibly and precisely "shape" the pulse parameters of the laser through a sophisticated, patent-pending digital control process which allows critical parameters including pulse width, pulse height, and even the precise pulse shape to be specified and controlled independently. This unique capability allows the application developer to generate laser pulses to precise and complex specifications.

With PyroFlex, the critical pulse parameters are controlled by software, rather than being determined by the hardware of the laser cavity. This can reduce the application development process to a timescale measured in hours rather than months, and opens the door to developing new processes that were not previously possible, increasing opportunities to create proprietary processes and applications for rapid deployment.

"For the end customer, total ROI improves significantly, productivity increases, line yields increase, and wastage drops," said Tullio Panarello, President and CEO of PyroPhotonics. "For example, in a semiconductor line, PyroFlex can mark, cut and trim all with one device - which otherwise would take three machines to do, less accurately. By specifying PyroFlex-based process tools, the end customer can eliminate an inventory of many different laser devices, and productively redeploy the specialist staff needed to operate and maintain them."

PyroFlex provides application developers and system integrators in markets including micromachining, memory repair, bio-medical device fabrication and instrumentation the flexibility needed to precisely control laser pulse parameters, enabling them to:

- Develop and deploy new processes that would otherwise be impossible, and so open up new revenue opportunities;

- Get new applications to market faster;

- Increase ROI (multi-use, less inventory, common platform) while lowering the end customer's TCO (easier maintenance, less wastage, etc.); and

- Ensure that processes work properly.

PyroFlex brings all the advantages of a fiber laser - plus flexibility - to all three wavelength bands - infrared, green and ultraviolet.

PyroFlex is currently in use with lead customers and will be widely available in Q3 2007. The technology will be on display as part of the Photonics Quebec Pavilion at LASER 2007, booth 567, Hall B2. For more information, visit:

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PyroPhotonics is a Montreal-based company specializing in pulsed laser technology for material processing applications in manufacturing market segments such as semiconductors, electronics and medical instruments. The company, founded in 2003, employs over 20 professionals and has raised $10 million of venture capital finance. PyroPhotonics' flagship product, PyroFlex, is the industry's first laser that is capable of truly shaping pulse parameters to exact specifications for deployment in a broad range of applications. For more information, please visit

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