April 15, 2005 09:00 ET

Q Inc and InterNetwork Granted Patent on Real User-Based Load Testing Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 15, 2005 -- Q Inc, an emerging leader in the telecommunications quality testing industry, and its European parent company interNetwork AG, today announced that they have been granted a patent for their unique load testing technology. The software, which is a core element of Q's products including Q-realTest, allows digital service providers to improve the quality of experience they offer to customers.

The patent extends to various key attributes of Q's software including the testing of network components based on the IP standard under real load conditions to ensure that all network components are functioning correctly.

As recognized by the patent, Q provides digital service providers, such as telecommunications carriers, with unique insight into service quality by exposing IP devices and/or the carrier's communications infrastructure to real-world traffic. This can include a combination of multiple protocols including real-world access methods like PPPoX.

Q-realTest's unprecedented ability to present a highly specific and accurate view of how data services are delivered and responded to has also inspired additional Q products including Q-realAgent. This breakthrough software extends testing parameters and Quality of Experience insight beyond the traditional edge of the network onto an end user's device.

As confirmed by the patent, Q's technology includes:

--  Load testing of IP devices and infrastructures
--  Usage of standard IP protocols like HTTP, FTP, et al
--  Script based load testing
--  Dynamic (i.e. response and behavior-based) load testing
--  Scalable load testing (cascaded 1:n)
--  Load testing for a broad range of access methods from modems to
    broadband and backbone employing real user testing
Commented Q CEO, Jeff Lindauer: "This patent recognizes that Q software products like Q-realTest offer a unique approach to key issues faced by carriers and other digital service providers. Load testing has always been an area of strength for Q. The upcoming addition of our Agent technology means we can offer two powerful solutions that can transform how carriers interact with customers."

The patent titled 'Systems and Method for Testing the Load of at Least One IP-Supported Device' was issued by the USPTO on February 8, 2005, as Patent No. 6,853,943.

About Q

Q develops quality assurance testing software that helps service providers and global telecommunication carriers gain a profound insight into their customers' Quality of Experience. Q focuses on understanding and responding to the multi-dimensional complexity of a real user's environment, rather than relying on the device-centric approach that characterizes most testing solutions today. Previously known as interNetwork, Inc., the company is venture-funded and privately held.

Q maintains offices in San Francisco, England and Germany. Additional information can be found at

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