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November 19, 2015 00:22 ET

Qilin World Capital Ltd Announces Share Finance Facility In Japan

Qilin World Capital Ltd Announces the Availability of Its Non-Recourse Share Finance Product in Japan; The Asian Lending Group Brings Its Customized Securities Based Lending Solutions to the Corporate Shareholders of Japan's Stock Exchanges

TOKYO, JAPAN--(Marketwired - November 19, 2015) - Today Qilin World Capital Ltd announces the availability of its non-recourse share finance product in Japan. The Asian based lending group will monetize shares of publicly traded companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as other major stock exchanges in Japan.

Qilin is an Asian based lending group specializing in the creation of customized securities based lending solutions that are secured against a wide range of publicly traded securities including shares of small and mid cap companies. Qilin is able to meet the needs of individuals as well as institutional equity investors who are seeking liquidity solutions secured against their shareholdings.

Co-partner Morgan Wilbur explains, "Japan is a large market and we look forward to offering our share financing solutions to corporate shareholders." As a purely non-recourse based lender, Qilin offers a wide range of benefits to clients who are seeking repo type financing, but with more cost effective repurchase structures.

Qilin World Capital is a private lender based in Asia that specializes in providing liquidity to the global capital markets in the form of non-recourse stock loans, repo's and private block purchases. For more information, contact:

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