November 09, 2016 08:00 ET

Qrvey Adds Feedback Automation to its Platform, Enabling Businesses to Automate Next Steps Based on Feedback Collected

Qrvey seeks to make feedback automation as mainstream as marketing automation

MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2016) - Qrvey, which helps businesses improve the customer experience and make more informed decisions through in-app feedback collection, today launched a new add-on to its platform that enables businesses to automate next steps based on feedback they've collected from customers. Called AutomatiQ, it makes Qrvey the first feedback platform that enables a full-cycle process: Collect, Analyze and Automate.

"While marketing automation is mainstream today, that wasn't the case 10 years ago -- and that's where feedback automation is today," said Qrvey founder and CEO Arman Eshraghi. "Qrvey is doing for feedback what Eloqua and Marketo did for marketing 10-15 years ago."

Methods for feedback collection are changing rapidly, because response rates to email surveys are plummeting. Businesses are instead looking to collect feedback in the moment, during or immediately after a transaction -- and the best way to do that is in the mobile or web app customers are using for the transaction. Qrvey is meeting that need with its embeddable in-app feedback platform.

Qrvey offers the Collect and Analyze features of its platform for free. Businesses that want to automate next steps based on received responses can subscribe to Qrvey's new AutomatiQ. An example of how it might be used: A company could send a Qrvey to all customers just after their transaction is complete, asking for feedback. Via AutomatiQ, the company could send all satisfied clients a request to post a review on their website, while all unsatisfied clients would be automatically routed to customer service for follow up. AutomatiQ would remove all the formerly manual tasks in the middle.

One of the companies using Qrvey's platform is accounting firm MillerMusmar CPAs. "In the past, we relied on project managers to email survey links to clients," said Joey Musmar, Managing Partner at MillerMusmar CPAs. "It was a manual process and it was hit or miss in terms of consistency and whether the responses got into the right hands. With Qrvey, we've automated the process of sending surveys to clients the minute a project closes, while it's fresh in their minds, and we have also automated what happens next -- a positive response is sent directly to the project manager, while a negative one goes to both the project manager and customer service. Qrvey removed all the manual steps of the process, and as a result we're able to collect a higher volume of feedback, more consistently."

Qrvey's AutomatiQ capabilities include:

  • Creating automated flows based on identified triggers
  • Sending a Qrvey (survey, checklist, form or NPS) based on a schedule
  • Sending a Qrvey's results based on a schedule
  • Sending a Qrvey or its results based on an analytics trigger -- for example, if the NPS score drops to detractor, alert a sales or customer service rep.

Automated flows can be applied to various feedback mechanisms to serve better analytics and more efficient action plans. For more examples of how businesses can use Qrvey's AutomatiQ to automate flows, see Qrvey's new eBook: 10 Cases for Feedback Automation.

Qrvey launched its base platform in September 2016. AutomatiQ is one of several new features the company plans to roll out in the coming months.  

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