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June 24, 2009 14:05 ET

QUADRA Signs MOU for Proposed Joint Venture for India

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - QUADRA PROJECTS INC. (OTCBB: QPRJ) ("Quadra" or the "Company"), its stock quoted on the OTC BB under the trading symbol "QPRJ," announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Quadra Energy Systems Inc., has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Econergy Solutions Pvt Ltd., an Indian corporation, to create a 50-50 joint venture to be effective July 31st, 2009 for the purposes of and to sell, license and develop the QES 2000S waste to energy system. Further, a Joint Venture Corporation, e-nnova Corp., in which a 50% interest is being acquired by Quadra, was a party to the same MOU with Econergy Solutions Pvt Ltd. to market and distribute and/or blend the E-nnova fuel conditioners with gasoline, diesel and 2 stroke engines.

The QES System is a patented, innovative, secure, efficient and proven method of converting waste organic materials into marketable energy products or by-products or an efficient cost effective method of disposing of waste organic materials in a safe, non-polluting, non toxic method compatible with all environmental standards. The Invention has many applications including disposal of electronic waste, soil remediation and is designed to answer the global challenge of waste management of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), which includes petrochemical compounds such as plastic waste, green waste, coal and tires while providing high recycled-content products and usable forms of power.

The QES System is designed to meet the Global challenges of the 21st Century wherein natural resources are being exhausted, the petroleum industry is unstable and uncertain in terms of cost and supply and the world is seeing a degradation of the Global environment.

Quadra Energy Systems Inc. is in the process of finalizing the acquisition of a 50% interest in e-nnova Corp., the company which is the owner of the proprietary E-nnova fuel conditioners. E-nnova fuel conditioners are a viable green transportation fuel conditioner that will satisfy immediate environmental concerns without being detrimental to the economic well-being of the world.

E-nnova is a unique fuel conditioner formulation reducing Green House Gas (GhG) emissions while maintaining an existing engine's operational capacity. Further, the use of E-nnova fuel conditioner when blended with either gasoline, diesel or 2 stroke fuels in the emerging countries reduces the cost of fuel production between 25% to 30%, and increases their fuel reserves by similar percentages; thereby giving these emerging countries a strong incentive to incorporate the blending of E-nnova fuel conditioner with their gasoline or diesel fuels.

E-nnova Fuel Conditioner is a complex blend of highly refined renewable organic chemicals designed specifically to blend with petrol, diesel and 2 stroke mix to increase performance and reduce fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions while at the same time cleaning, lubricating and protecting the fuel system and compression chambers of all types of petrol and diesel 2 and 4 stroke engines.

E-nnova markets solid and liquid fuel conditioners and other related products as Fuel Conditioners in many countries. The E-nnova Fuel Conditioner is a complex blend of highly refined renewable organic chemicals of exceptional quality designed specifically to improve engine life and performance.

--  E-nnova Fuel Conditioners are guaranteed to be safe for all petrol and
    diesel engines on the market today and provides the following benefits and
--  Improves fuel economy
--  Increases horsepower
--  Cleans the fuel system
--  Begins to work immediately
--  Increases octane and cetane rating
--  Improves combustion

E-nnova's products include:

--  A liquid fuel conditioner which removes water in large underground
    tanks as in gas stations and trucking depots.
--  A Liquid for diesel powered boats to stop and prevent diesel bug.
--  Liquid Gasolene and diesel (E-nnova) Fuel conditioners that can be
    blended to existing fuels.
--  All these products follow E-nnova's own formulations and have been
    worked with and perfected over the years and now are ready to market

The principal of Econergy Solutions Pvt Ltd. is Shabbir Shakeer who is the principal of Ema Rubber Industries which was founded in 1965 by Mr. Ebrahim Abdulkarim and initially manufactured rubber components for the automobile industry. Over the period of time it has diversified into manufacturing varied items for many other industries and individuals under the able leadership of Mr.Ebrahim's youngest son, Mr. Shabbir Shakeer, a Law and Business and Industrial Management Graduate.

The company is ISO:9001-2000 certified. It also has certification from Dun & Bradstreet. Near zero percent rejection coupled with optimum production are the key factors to the company's success.

The company prides itself on having senior internationally acclaimed rubber technologists on its panel and sees the joint venture opportunity with Quadra and its innovative environmental products as being an ideal fit for India's current needs.


QUADRA PROJECTS INC. intends on becoming a leading green energy company focusing on environmentally friendly opportunities focusing on its leading waste to energy technology and other green industry opportunities existing world-wide.

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