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February 24, 2015 08:00 ET

Qualia Partners With BlueCava to Scale Consumer Intent Signal Graph

Latest Partnership Further Improves the Combination of Intent Signals and Enables Cross-Device Attribution

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) - Qualia, pioneer and leader in discovering and delivering on consumers' ever-evolving, real-time expressions of intent, today announces its partnership with BlueCava, which together with other key partnerships already in place, will allow the company to further scale its graph of commercial intent signals, and do so across all devices. Marketers and their agencies looking to harness the mid-funnel of consumer activity stand to immediately benefit from this expansion of available data.

"The work Qualia is doing to help brands understand consumer intent is incredibly powerful," said Rob Griffin, EVP, Global Head Digital, Havas Media. "At Havas we talk about successful organic marketing through the creation of meaningful connections for brands, but we can't do that without being able to gauge intent in real time. Qualia is pushing the envelope here by allowing advertisers to go beyond traditional targeting."

To date, Qualia has developed a solution enabling marketers to leverage powerful signals of commercial intent -- real-time, multi-level signals that identify consumers who are ready to buy. It's called "intent marketing," and replaces traditional methods, which were essentially tech-enabled guesswork. By leveraging these rich consumer intent signals gleaned across e-commerce, apps and social media, marketers are able to capture, understand and optimize behavior at the middle of the funnel, or the heart of the purchase cycle.

"With user attention spans plummeting, ads need to be more relevant than ever to break through. Qualia's new partnership with BlueCava positions them as a market leader in cross-screen intent-based marketing, the force behind exactly that kind of relevancy," said Kenton Langstroth, Director of Partner Integration at IPG Media Lab.

Key Benefits of the BlueCava Partnership
Along with existing data partnerships, this key integration will allow for increased reach when serving cross-device media as well as a more granular view of intent expressed across those devices. For example, if a user tweets that "they need a new car" via their smartphone and the system also determines that same user is sharing car articles on their desktop computer through cross device technology, then that user will be designated a higher auto intent quality score and be considered more "qualified" to receive Ford and Nissan ads.

"We see the leading benefit of our partnerships, including the latest with BlueCava, as the improved combination of intent signals," said Qualia CEO Kathy Leake. "What we were delivering to market was already incredibly powerful. But now, thanks to our new partnership with BlueCava, if a user delivers an intent signal on their smartphone and also on their desktop, the new cross-device capability allows us to recognize the higher intent of that individual by combining signals on all devices," Leake continued.

Another benefit of the partnership will be the ability to utilize non-click attribution data. For example, if the system serves a Best Buy mobile ad to a user and determines they immediately went to on their desktop computer, then the system will count this as a conversion, because of the ad's clear influence on the user.

"The joining of forces between BlueCava and Qualia will allow marketers to get even savvier in their media execution. The partnership will enable the separation of signal device from media device and provide a better understanding of user behavior across those devices. For example, a user might show the strongest intent for a brand on their desktop, but through our cross-screen technology, we know they also have a smartphone that may be more effective for media, so we can target the user on their smartphone instead," said BlueCava CEO Phil Myers.

The partnership was first reported in MediaPost here.

About Qualia
Qualia, an Intent targeting pioneer, empowers marketers with the ability to respond to real-time expressions of consumer intent. Our Intent Quality™ Decision Engine creates a composite of multiple intent signals from a consumer and overlays our targeting capabilities to reach a marketer's most qualified audience. Our technology then targets that consumer across any or all of their devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) and platforms (web, app) with any type of IAB-standard creative. Qualia's proprietary Return on Intent™ Analytics Suite measures campaign success "beyond the click" -- helping marketers understand how they have influenced a consumer's journey toward purchase.

In market since 2011, Qualia is led by Kathy Leake, CEO (co-founder Media6Degrees/Dstillery) and Niels Meersschaert, CTO (founding Principal Architect of Magnetic) who are committed to defining the next generation of intent targeting. Qualia is headquartered in NYC and has offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Atlanta. For additional information, visit

About BlueCava
BlueCava is on a mission to change the way digital advertising is delivered, measured, and optimized, acting as a catalyst for cross-screen capability to enterprises of all proficiencies, with an emphasis on openness and sustainability. Its privacy-first Audience Association Platform makes the connections between screens, consumers and households, enabling advertisers, publishers and AdTech providers to leverage their audiences cross-screen. With insight into which screens influence and convert, combined with meaningful audience data, marketers are armed with actionable metrics that improve user experience, increase conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Founded in 2010, BlueCava maintains offices in New York City and Irvine, California. To learn more about its services and offerings, please visit

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