Method123 Ltd

Method123 Ltd

March 23, 2009 09:30 ET

Quality Planning Tools Released

New tools for planning quality on projects were released today at

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2009) - The new Project Management Tools help managers and teams to plan and track the quality of deliverables as the project is being executed. Smart methods for controlling and assuring the level of quality are used in a simple and down-to-earth fashion.

The tools include a complete suite of templates for planning, monitoring and controlling project quality. The Quality Plan templates have been written by project experts and are available in Microsoft Word format so that they can be immediately used on projects.

"Managing quality on a project can be a difficult task," says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd. "We define quality as the ability of the deliverable to meet the customer's expectations. So this means that you have to meet or exceed your customer's expectations if you are to meet your quality targets. The first step to take is to use the newly released 'Quality Plan' to define the targets for each deliverable and set your customer's expectations upfront. This gives you a stake in the ground for measuring progress during the life of the project."

After the Quality Plan has been completed, Method123 recommends using a Project Management Template to measure the quality of the project deliverables on an on-going basis. These templates help the Project Manager to undertake Quality Assurance and Quality Control reviews; to identify, track and record quality regularly. The Project Manager can then identify the current level of quality on the project and identify deviations from the Quality Targets set. These deviations can be immediately investigated and resolved, if they are captured early on. In this way, the Project Manager can identify issues and resolve them before they impact on the project deadline.

Westland says the best thing about measuring and recording quality using these new tools is that once the project has completed, you know that the customer's expectations have been met.

"At every step in the Project Management Process, you will have reviewed the deliverables against the quality expectations set, and resolved any issues. So once the project has completed, it's incredibly easy to get the customers sign-off. Your teams are happy because they know what's expected of them. And your customers are happy because they know throughout the project that you're taking their expectations seriously. In fact, you're measuring the projects delivery against those expectations. So this method boosts customer confidence dramatically."

The new templates provide the process, plans and tracking mechanisms for recording quality on projects. Method123 also suggests using Project Status Report software to measure monitor and report on quality issues, to further boost the Project Managers chances of success.

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