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GenArts, Inc.

December 15, 2011 09:00 ET

Quality Visual Effects Make Video Advertising Worth Watching

GenArts Case Study Reveals How Visual Effects Increase Video Appeal, Views, and Viewer Purchase Intent

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - Dec 15, 2011) - GenArts, Inc., the global leader in specialized visual effects (VFX) software for advertising and media industries, today released the first case study quantifying the impact visual effects have on video appeal, viewership and audience engagement. The study substantiates what Madison Avenue has known for years: high-quality VFX engage audiences, improve quality perception, and increase viewers' likelihood to purchase. As online video advertising expands, the case study demonstrates that advertisers can use visual effects to differentiate their brands as effectively online as they traditionally have offline. In fact, VFX were shown to drive a 13% increase in downloading a coupon, a 9% lower abandonment rate, and an increase in purchase intent of up to 12%.

"Video usage is expanding across all media and it's growing more difficult for advertisers to meaningfully attract their target audience," says Katherine Hays, CEO of GenArts. "Advertisers are challenged to make their ads as effective as possible, but it's not always clear which tools enable you to do that. This case study shows that visual effects are a cost-effective and actionable way to significantly increase the appeal and credibility of your brand, and ultimately increase viewer purchase intent by as much as 12%."

Advertising represents a growing portion of online video, currently 15% (comScore), and the pressure is mounting for companies to attract the right audience as effectively as possible. GenArts developed the study to address this growing need and illustrate the premise of their partnership with video advertising platform PixelFish -- that visual effects present a repeatable, scalable solution for businesses to enhance the quality, appeal, and performance of their advertisements.

GenArts used videos featuring sportlifestyle company PUMA to verify the impact visual effects have on the overall effectiveness of video promotions through a comprehensive case study. The study tested two versions of the same PUMA sneaker promotion -- one treated with visual effects and one without -- to confirm the benefits of VFX.

As expected, the effect-treated video outperformed the untreated constant and demonstrated significant increases in engagement metrics across the board:

  • 9%-12% increase in purchase intent
  • 10% increase in brand preference
  • 9% increase in brand credibility
  • 9% increase in time spent watching the video
  • 9% increase in likeliness to watch the video again
  • 9% decrease in likeliness to stop watching the video before its end
  • Up to 13% increase in likeliness to download a coupon

"Video is an effective way for us to connect with consumers and retail partners globally," says Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer of PUMA. "We use tools like visual effects to promote our brand in everything from above the line advertising to external consumer promotion videos and internal retailer sell-in tools. We've found visual effects to be an effective way to make videos of all types perform better and to help cut through in a cluttered marketplace."

Earlier this year, GenArts released Sapphire Edge to bring high-quality visual effects tools to video creators of all skill levels. Sapphire Edge is the only tool that lets creators start by applying a pre-built look and then tweak it to best tell their story. Built on the same underlying technology as leading film and broadcast software Sapphire, Sapphire Edge enables all advertisers to achieve the same engagement statistics as companies like PUMA, but for a more affordable price.

Download the case study:

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