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June 25, 2012 09:15 ET

Qualstar Announces New High Density XLS Tape Library

The New Model Is Expressly Designed for Archive Applications Where Very High Storage Density Is Needed

SIMI VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 25, 2012) - Qualstar® Corporation (NASDAQ: QBAK) today announced the seventh model of its highly regarded XLS Enterprise Tape Library family. The XLS-88700 Library Resource Module (LRM) delivers the benefits and features of Qualstar's patented Compass Architecture™ to users focused on solving big-data and archive storage requirements. Shipments will begin in the third quarter of 2012.

The XLS-88700 LRM contains up to 705 tape storage slots and can house up to eight LTO 5 tape drives. The new LRM stores over 1 petabyte (native) of data and transfers more than 4.3 terabytes per hour using just 8.5 square feet of floor space. Typical data compression techniques can more than double both the capacity and data rate.

One or two 1,075 slot Memory Expansion Modules (MEM) can be added to each XLS-88700, a configuration that stores 4.3 petabytes in less than 26 square feet of valuable IT floor space. The new model can be intermixed with both new and installed XLS-820500, XLS-832700 and XLS-8161100 LRMs to deliver precisely tailored configurations to meet a broad range of end user capacity and performance requirements.

XLS is truly The Tape Library You Can't Outgrow(SM). LRMs and MEMs can be easily linked together to build configurations exceeding 11,700 tape slots, delivering over 17.7 petabytes (native) of storage. Leveraging Qualstar's patented Compass Architecture™, any tape can be accessed in just 21 inches average horizontal robotics motion, yielding much higher reliability and lower power consumption than any tape or disk-based competitor. The XLS-88700 uses less than 500 watts of electricity to store and access 4.3 petabytes of data, which is less than 1/20th the power used by a similarly sized disk system.

All XLS Enterprise Tape Libraries are designed to accept LTO 6 tape drives when they become available, effectively doubling the capacity of all models. Upgrading XLS libraries to support the latest tape drives is easy and can be accomplished by the end user.

"Our new XLS-88700 directly addresses two significant problems shared by all large archive storage users: floor space and operating cost. We significantly reduce the amount of expensive IT floor space needed by maximizing storage density, and dramatically reduce power consumption and the related air conditioning loads that all disk-based systems incur," said Larry Firestone, Qualstar president and CEO. "Because our systems are flexible and easy to expand, XLS Enterprise Tape Libraries deliver real value to customers needing enterprise reliability, capacity and features without enterprise costs."

Like all XLS models, the XLS-88700 incorporates X-Link™, the intelligent, single-view management interface that provides powerful tools and comprehensive information to monitor and manage library operations around the clock, throughout the enterprise or from across the globe. Identical X-Link access is delivered locally via the 15-inch color touch screen built into every XLS, and remotely via an intranet connection or the Internet. Authorizations, passwords and user group controls give administrators the security tools needed to organize, manage and customize individual user access to up to eight independent logical library partitions. With appropriate permissions, Qualstar Technical Support technicians can also remotely access an XLS library via X-Link to review event logs and run diagnostics.

XLS Enterprise Library Systems are available exclusively through Qualstar's worldwide network of Authorized Resellers. Contact Qualstar, an Authorized Reseller or visit for more information.

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