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July 02, 2013 07:07 ET

QuantConnect Releases Tick Data to Empower Algorithmic Trading for the Masses

QuantConnect's Powerful Computing & Market Data Opens Exciting New Possibilities for Algorithmic Trading

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - July 02, 2013) - QuantConnect, the world's fastest and most powerful algorithm backtesting platform, today announced the launch of 15 years of U.S. equities and 5 years of FX tick data. This wealth of data combined with powerful back-testing tools and an intuitive platform is allowing a revolution in modern finance, enabling independent engineers to code, test and iterate faster than ever before.

QuantConnect is democratizing algorithmic trading by giving engineers access to free financial data, powerful cloud computing and strategy back-testing."We launched QuantConnect with the goal of bringing algorithmic strategies to the mainstream engineer and investor, so they can be empowered with cutting edge investment strategies," said Jared Broad, CEO of QuantConnect. "By providing a platform with unlimited free financial data, we're giving access to tools that would typically cost $50,000-$100,000." QuantConnect has built an incredibly powerful testing environment to complete back-tests in less than two minutes. "This product is way ahead of retail options currently available," said Alejandro Cañete Báez, advisor and Head Quant at Pan Alpha Trading.

QuantConnect is integrating tick data from a wide array of quality sources to enable a diverse range of user-built models. Forex data from FXCM, sentiment data from Estimize and StockPulse, and now 15 years of U.S. equities data have converged on a single, unparalleled platform.

With QuantConnect, engineers can develop strategies and iterate models at rates never seen before. Users can bring algorithms from conception to reality in minutes rather than days. The company provides a GIT API for collaborating in teams, and allows upload of encrypted algorithms to keep intellectual property safe. For the first time engineers have unfettered access to a decade's worth of trading data for back-testing, without giving away any valuable intellectual property.

"We are building a global network of engineers designing diverse new strategies while helping investors across the world earn better returns with the strategies that suit them," said COO, Shai Rosen. "We are working hard to make our vision a reality by building partnerships with data providers, listening to our Quant community and continuously adding features to our platform." Right now on QuantConnect, an engineer can find correlations, build an algorithm and test his results in under 20 minutes.

About QuantConnect: QuantConnect is building the world's fastest, most powerful browser-based algorithmic model creation platform. We allow a community of engineers to design C# strategies in a web browser, iterating quickly over a free library of financial data. Design strategies today at, or follow us on Twitter @quantconnect.

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