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September 30, 2009 08:00 ET

Quantivo Surpasses 7 Billion Records for Single Customer in World's Largest Cloud-Based Analytics Solution

Ad Hoc Analytics at Unprecedented Scale and Speed Marks Analytics First

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - September 30, 2009) - Quantivo, the leader in on-demand Behavioral Analytics, today announced that the company's unique Software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is powering Behavioral Analytics across 7.6 billion transaction records for a single customer. This milestone marks Quantivo as the largest cloud-based analytics solution in the world and underscores its unmatched ability to deliver near-instant answers for unrestrained ad hoc analysis at a fraction of the cost of traditional analytic solutions.

"We are proud to see a customer analyzing this vast amount of data while maintaining lightning-fast time-to-answer for their most complex, revenue-driving questions," said Paul O'Leary, CTO at Quantivo. "This is another validation of our patented approach to analytics, which delivers powerful business insights to our range of customers who are analyzing anywhere from 10 million to more than seven billion records."

With more business data being generated every day, especially online data from websites, social networks, and online marketing activities, it is becoming difficult for companies to effectively uncover the important trends within these mountains of data. Quantivo's analytics solution leverages the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure and is used by leading retailers, media companies and B2B corporations to rapidly answer complex customer behavior questions and identify concrete steps to drive revenue.

"Companies' data analysis appetites can no longer be satisfied with costly, decades-old relational database technologies," added O'Leary. "Our solution is a paradigm-shifting cloud-based 'analytics utility,' which companies turn on as easy as flipping a switch and pay for only what they use. With our unique approach, this record-setting deployment is just the tip of the iceberg."

Quantivo enables companies to get more customers, keep current customers and grow revenue across their customer base. Quantivo's patented Affinity Database identifies the affinities between behaviors -- indicating which patterns are either likely or not likely to occur and spotlights what to do next to achieve business goals, such as increase customer acquisition and retention, improve up-sells and loyalty, and increase website monetization.

Quantivo's methodology is in stark contrast to typical analytics solutions that are built upon 30-year-old relational database technology, which results in much larger storage requirements at slower speeds, and usually requires expensive on-site infrastructures. Conversely, Quantivo customers can spin up virtually unlimited CPU power within minutes to quickly capitalize on emerging customer trends without having to bear the costs of an antiquated infrastructure approach.

Quantivo customers can dramatically improve visitor monetization by quickly segmenting and understanding customer behavior patterns from a combination of website visits, purchase transactions, marketing responses and other events. Quantivo also easily surfaces patterns over time -- including multiple touch points such as repeat visits and repeat purchases in correlation with advertising campaigns. Until now, this type of advanced analytics has been available to only those companies who could afford to spend millions in software and wait days/weeks for answers to these questions.

About Quantivo

Quantivo is pioneering a fundamentally new approach to Behavioral Analytics. For the first time, corporate decision-makers can quickly uncover behavioral patterns across any aspect of their customer interactions and act on these timely insights to increase customer acquisition, retention, up-sells, cross-sells and web monetization. By combining large-scale analytics with rapid SaaS delivery, Quantivo is the only company that puts impactful revenue-generating insights directly into the hands of a wide set of executives and analysts for applications such as and loyalty analysis, merchandising and marketing optimization and online analytics. For more information, visit

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