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September 27, 2011 09:00 ET

Quantivo Unveils Industry-First Pattern-Based On-Demand Big-Data Analytics Platform

Eliminating Capital Costs, Quantivo Enables Businesses of All Sizes to Derive Actionable Market Intelligence in Seconds

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) -  Quantivo, a leading provider of on-demand big-data analytics, today released its "analytics for everyone" platform, the first pattern-based analytics offering that enables organizations of any size and analytics sophistication to instantly gather insight into business trends and monetizable patterns -- from online and offline data sources simultaneously -- through an elastic and secure cloud infrastructure. With Quantivo's platform, any business user can discover actionable market insight by tapping into datasets consisting of billions of records located in disparate data sources, such as existing data warehouses, operational systems, online behavior or clickstream data. Through a unique "pattern-store" algorithm that has been awarded five patents, Quantivo empowers business users to effectively dialogue with their data to gain insights and produce actionable data rapidly; propelling decision-making that facilitates increased corporate revenues and profitability.

Big-data analytics offerings have fallen into two categories and have served two very different markets: powerful product offerings serving large organizations that can endure lengthy deployments, significant training, and long time-to-productivity cycles, and basic offerings geared to capital-sensitive businesses but lacking the power to address complex questions and provide actionable insights. By contrast, Quantivo's cloud-based analytics platform effectively breaks the barrier to entry to big-data analytics and enables companies to develop rich stores of insight about their consumer's trends, purchasing patterns, and plans. Individual users can derive this data within a matter of minutes, gaining intuitive mastery of the software's human-like "train of thought" methodology and drag-and-drop ease of query building.

Taming Big Data

Quantivo automates the process of identifying patterns in big data and provides customers with unprecedented abilities to harness information derived from their disparate data sources and datasets and turn that information into knowledge. At a fraction of the cost of competing offerings, users can discover monetizable data patterns such as buying behavior and online customer experience.

"Through cheap storage, companies continue to amass a huge volume of detailed data about their business. Uncovering the key patterns in this big data will deliver the business insight necessary to drive their business decisions," said Shawn Rogers, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "The complexity and variations in the formatting of big-data sources, together with the sheer number of data sources worthy of exploration in pursuing actionable consumer-focused data, have stymied conventional analytics offerings. Quantivo has taken a new approach, with a model designed to address the business user's needs for quick time-to-insight -- but without compromising the quality or richness of derived data. The company's approach is likely to gain customers by delivering the performance, scalability, flexibility, low barrier to adoption, and time-to-value that all organizations need, while satisfying the thirst of users in the large enterprise for sophistication and speed in data access and processing across a range of data sources."

Quantivo is distinguished by its ability to analyze and present data in a single, unified view, even with multiple online and offline data sources. As one example, users can conduct sophisticated data analysis for applications such as dynamic customer segmentation, detecting and analyzing information and evaluating customer patterns according to time, frequency and monetary value of their purchases -- even when the desired information is stored in different application systems. 

Enterprise-Class Analytics

Quantivo also supersedes other big-data analytics offerings by combining features, performance, and scalability that users expect in the adoption of high-ROI enterprise software. These include:

  • Secure, fully managed cloud-based architecture that eliminates capital costs and allows organizations to scale operating costs according to usage.
  • Flexible and efficient onboarding capabilities that enable rapid integration of big data sources and does not require a prior knowledge of rigid schema definitions.
  • Dynamic system scalability, enabling organizations to leverage the strength of the Quantivo platform even through dramatic growth, or through periods of dramatically expanded usage.
  • Easy-to-use and integrated UI environment that enables business users to directly interact with their data assets to ask business questions through "train-of-thought" analysis without requiring knowledge of technical query languages like SQL.
  • Powerful query engine built on patented pattern-based data processing that compresses data while maintaining event-level detail and is purpose-built to productively execute high performance analytical workloads in a multi-tenant environment.
  • Automation tools to automatically detect probabilistically significant patterns that help business users quickly and readily deliver key business insights based on their big data assets.
  • Seamless data interface to Google Analytics, Webtrends, and Omniture clickstream data allows detail-level access to individual clicks and more powerful, granular analysis.
  • Behavioral analysis capabilities that support multiple data sources and multi-channel analysis. Examples include customer lifecycle analysis, dynamic customer segmentation, multi-attribute segmentation and behavioral targeting.
  • Quantivo Data Connector allows for seamless integration of Quantivo's query capabilities into existing business applications, third-party products, and report generators.
  • Enterprise-class security: A cloud-based multi-tenant environment provides both logical and physical separation per tenant; fast fail-over and redundancy across worldwide locations; fully managed 24/7 on-premise security.

"Until recently, the technology behind pattern-based analytics grew by slow incremental improvements," said Amrit Williams, CTO of Quantivo. "But, even with those improvements, adoption has been constrained by high costs, unwieldy user interfaces, performance limitations, dearth of access to remote data sources, and the need for extensive IT support. Quantivo knocks down those limitations, while providing an attractive adoption model that may be possible only with a cloud-based architecture that can eliminate months-long processes typical in the adoption of traditional analytical solutions."

General Availability

The Quantivo platform is available immediately. For more information, contact Quantivo at or 510-338-6100.

About Quantivo

Quantivo is a leading provider of on-demand big-data analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes. The Quantivo platform is purpose-built to deliver on-demand analytics and pattern-based strategies directly to business users, within a cloud infrastructure of unparalleled speed, flexibility, cost and scalability. With Quantivo's patented technology platform, business users can directly interact with their massive data assets to gain business insight and uncover key monetizable trends that are often buried in complex storage systems, lost within channels between business users and IT support, or inaccessible with traditional analytics solutions that lack insight into event-level detail. Quantivo's analytics platform has been in commercial use by Fortune 500 companies since 2005 and has been awarded five U.S. patents. Quantivo is backed by top-tier venture capital firms, including Foundation Capital and Partech International. For more information on Quantivo, call 510-338-6100, visit, or email

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