SOURCE: Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc.

September 10, 2008 13:09 ET

Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. Road Tests Nuclear Device

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 10, 2008) - Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. (OTC: QBII) through Mustang Performance Headquarters, Inc. has installed and is road testing its "Aqua Nova" (the working name) fuel saving device. Quantum Bit has also accepted delivery of three additional units from Remington Ventures for evaluation and testing. All three companies have received a very encouraging and enthusiastic number of consumer and commercial inquiries about the product. Marketing of the product and installation service through Mustang will begin soon.

Quantum Bit is turning attention to technical product improvements. "We see clear and inexpensive ways to improve gas efficiencies which will result in enhanced performance of the product and the vehicles themselves," says Mike Skillern, Quantum Bit's president. The company is also moving to create a closed cycle system that recycles the working fluid… water. "In our device, we believe low energy nuclear reactions contribute substantially to hydrogen and oxygen gas production from water. Applied electrical energy is less than the chemical potential energy evolved from the water as a result. A closed cycle system will extract the chemical potential energy reforming water to be recycled through the system. The nuclear fusion exhaust products will be extracted from the system in the process," said Skillern.

Quantum Bit is focused on producing clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and cheap power using nuclear fusion electrolysis. The company firmly believes that nuclear fusion energy from hydrogen stored in water will become the dominate energy source in coming years. "The internet is replete with credible information on the subject of nuclear fusion electrolysis," remarked Skillern. The company is working to become a leader in the area. "Our current product saves gasoline or diesel in vehicles using this technology and our product. We are improving the product with a deliberate view toward the sealed system that sips ordinary water and produces copious torque or electricity, whatever the engineer wants," concluded Skillern.

Anyone interested in our technology, the background science, or our company is encouraged to visit our thorough website. All stockholders in our company are invited to join our stockholder's group on line through our website. Our company informs our stockholders of pertinent information through that group.

Quantum Bit is a technology developer currently focused on nuclear fusion electrolysis and power systems using that technology. We are a small company and any investor is encouraged to study and understand the science, technology, and our company before making any investment decision. As with any investment, particularly in small companies, there is a high degree of risk and all investors are reminded to keep this in mind.

The statements made in this press release are based on the beliefs and information available to the company at the time of release.

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