January 18, 2011 12:16 ET

Quarter of Americans 'Don't Trust' Charities

New Research From America's Leading Discount Site Reveals That a Quarter of Americans 'Don't Trust' Charities; With a Fifth Also Admitting That They Would Purposely Avoid Charity Collectors in the Street.

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Jan. 18, 2011) - New research from America's leading discount site reveals that a quarter of Americans 'don't trust' charities, with a fifth also admitting that they would avoid charity collectors when walking in the street.

The research, conducted by America's leading discount site, was conducted on 7,587 members of the US public. The site wanted to discover the attitudes of Americans towards charities, and giving money to charitable causes.

A quarter of Americans, 26%, admitted that they 'don't trust' charities, while a further 1 in 5, 19%, of Americans who took part in the study admitted that they would purposely avoid charity collectors in the street.

Of the 26% who admitted that they 'don't trust' charities, the majority, 57%, explained that this was because they 'did not know how donation money is spent.' A further 17% explained that they felt charities were untrustworthy as they 'exaggerate' about the amount of funding needed.

Respondents to the study were asked to state how they felt about charity workers approaching them in the street. More than a third, 35%, of respondents claimed that they felt 'uncomfortable' when approached by charity employees for donations, and a further 3% confessed that it makes them feel 'angry'. Furthermore, 31% thought it was 'intrusive' when charity workers approached their door while they were at home.

In addition, 43% of Americans who took part in the study admitted to feeling 'pressured' into donating money in the past.

Of those polled, just 9% said that they donated to charity on a regular basis. A third, 33%, of those who did donate said that they did so to "make themselves feel good"; while 45% explained that they did so because they "wanted to help".

When asked 'If you could afford to donate to any charity, which would you prefer?' 23% of respondents chose an animal charity, while 19% said that they would donate to third world countries. The most popular charity was for the American troops with just over half, 51%, of Americans saying that they would "gladly" give to this charity.

Mark Pearson, chairman of, said:

"Donating money to charity is great – especially if you can comfortably afford to do so. While we can all relate to those who said they would avoid charity workers in the street, particularly if you're having a bad day; people should remember that you should never feel pressured into donating. Charity is exactly what it says on the tin, a voluntary donation; and they really do mean it when they say that any contribution helps, no matter how small.

He continued:

"If you're uncertain as to whether a charity is genuine or not then do not feel as though you can't ask them to see their official charity number. By checking the charity number you can be sure that, even you are parting with your hard earned cash, you can be sure it's for a good cause."

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