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April 22, 2011 22:47 ET

Qubeey Officially Launches

Meet Your New Communications Mega-Hub

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 22, 2011) - Luthier Society, Inc. -- You finally have the ability to multitask while enjoying interaction with your favorite social site features. You can work on any program on your computer while live chatting with your friends, broadcasting, watching YouTube videos, Tweeting or even commenting on your Facebook. Meet your new communications mega-hub... Qubeey.

Qubeey represents the evolution of social media, consolidating and centralizing community interactions across multiple platforms. Qubeey is your social and business networking solution. It allows you to have real time access to the most important social and business sites and attributes on the web, on your desktop, and on your mobile device from one easy to use place. Qubeey represents the natural evolution in social networking towards increased unification of communications across multiple platforms, while simultaneously driving the ever-increasing desire for right now information.

There's no denying that Social Media has become a phenomenon around the world. The question is why? And, the answer is simple... the ability to connect, share and commune with other human beings is essential to our existence. It's how we enrich ourselves. So therefore, the emergence of social media was an inevitable manifestation. However, it manifested without taking into consideration the need for systems themselves to be self-sustaining.

The developers of these sites created what would be considered "successful" businesses. Then they realized... how do we pay for it? Their answer... ADVERTISING! There are billions of dollars spent on advertising every year, and 100's of millions are shifting from traditional advertising vehicles to online marketing. With this understanding there is still only a finite amount of advertising dollars that can shift to cover the exponential growth and escalating costs of providing these services.

Only now are they exploring options to truly monetize their network. In a couple of instances this quest for monetization leaked to the news media, receiving extremely negative feedback. Many people expressed that it started as a free site and that's the only way they perceive them. Especially when most users understand that these systems are generating positive income from the ad revenues, secured on the expectation that users will continue to build their value from them.

The interesting observation is that most of the negative feedback to charging for access had nothing to do with whether or not the consumer thought the service was valuable enough to warrant a subscription fee. Instead, the backlash revolved mostly around perception! "It started as a free site and that's the way I will always see them."

Qubeey will offer its full suite of features and functionality at zero cost to the end user, monetizing this interaction with advertising revenue. Additional revenues will be realized via Qubeey's Channel Environment, which will allow content creators the ability to merchandise their products via a simple and easy to use point of sale system.

Qubeey takes the best of the internet, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other popular gathering places and puts them all onto your desktop. That's right! Users never have to open a browser to interact with each other through their favorite social media tools. Now add to this the ability to search, blog, chat, video chat, live video broadcast and even enjoy your favorite games, all through one simple desktop application, it's easy to see why Qubeey is quickly becoming THE Communications Mega-Hub that thousands of people have already come to rely on!

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