Maison regionale de l'industrie

Maison regionale de l'industrie

May 15, 2013 11:00 ET

The Quebec Maison regionale de l'industrie (Industry Regional Center) is Signing a Bilateral Agreement with France!

Visiofair™ (France) and the Maison regionale de l'industrie (MRI) will be offering a virtual event and business solution to companies: a never-before-seen virtual experience!

SHERBROOKE, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) - This morning, in the Manoir des Sables in the Orford township, Estrie region, the directors of the Maison régionale de l'industrie (Industry Regional Center) and the French directors of Visiofair™ have signed a collaboration agreement for the utilization in Quebec and Canada of Visiofair™. This 2.0 virtual platform allows companies to make themselves known to their current or future clients, in order to build business relationships between them without actually having to travel! Whether it be for a job fair enabling foreign workers to get to know local companies, or to build relationships between businesses, the virtual event solution is making an entrance in our market.

This agreement has been signed between the managing director of the Maison régionale de l'industrie (MRI), René Gendron and the CEO of Visiofair™, Erwan Minier, who came directly from France for this event.

Statement by René Gendron, Managing director of the Industry Regfional Center:

"After having considered various business solutions, what we have discovered with the 2.0 Visiofair™ platform, by virtue of its diverse functionalities, is going to allow us to reach our objectives, for the benefits of our businesses. In a context of globalization of the economy and of scarcity of skilled labor, the Industry Regional Center also notices that there is a true need for a reinvented operational mode, so that our companies continue to exist and to develop themselves. The partnership we developed with the directors of Visiofair™, as for the sharing of their knowledge and their will to support us in this great virtual adventure, is the kind of partnership we were looking for, and we have found it. To us, this virtual business solution is THE solution to the different challenges faced by our Quebec companies, whether it be for business development or even for labor recruitment and the costs linked to it. The future of business events lies in this solution!"

Statement by the CEO of Visiofair™, Erwan Minier :

"It was important for us to come here to Quebec, Canada, in order to meet our new Northern American partners as well as the press and business people. One of the key benefits of virtual trade shows is that they can gather together a large number of people who would have never met in real life. If you have an international network of suppliers and collaborators, or if you have a foreign-based labor force, or if your clients are all over the country and abroad, the travel cost of all those people quickly becomes too high. Thanks to virtual events, you can gather all of them, whatever their level in the hierarchy is. The fact that anyone can be connected at the same event, at the same time, is a victory in itself."

About the VisioFair™ platform:

The functionalities of this platform introduced to the guests and media attending will allow the Internet user to talk live with the exhibitor if the latter is online, or else to quickly receive a call back and to see the exhibitor's profile, and his/her marketing tools such as the products or the company videos, the leaflets, etc. The Internet user can even talk live via a video with the exhibitor thanks to Visiocall. For the exhibitor it will be possible in real time to see who is visiting the virtual booth and even to speak to them, to analyze the visitors, their needs and even to do a follow-up.

To encourage the presence of the largest number of online visitors of these virtual events and to drive the success, e-marketing operations will be put in place for each event. The first virtual event will be launched in 2013.

A demonstration video is available here:

About Visiofair:

Created in 2011, Visiofair is a key player in the conception of interactive online solutions. This Breton (northern France) start-up developed a software platform called "Software as a Service" (SaaS), which boosts innovative marketing and sales strategies. This platform accompanies the virtual trade show, and Visiofair is the only solution that enables you to create online events by yourself and that puts a touch of humanity at the heart of web exchanges!

About the Maison Régionale de l'industrie (Industry Regional Center):

The Maison Régionale de l'industrie was created in 1981 by a group of directors of manufacturing companies with the aim of favoring the industrial development, obtaining common services and of favoring the networking between companies. Its mission consists of supporting the directors of businesses and their team, with information, contact, representation and support services, in order to improve their performance.

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