February 28, 2005 08:39 ET

Quebec Selects Syscan for Provincial Food Safety Program




FEBRUARY 28, 2005 - 08:39 ET

Quebec Selects Syscan for Provincial Food Safety

MONTREAL, CANADA--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 28, 2005) - Syscan International
(TSX VENTURE:SYA) announced today that it has been selected by
Agri-Tracabilite Quebec (ATQ) to implement a Province wide animal
identification and tracking solution within the transportation sector.

Syscan's integrated application, which is to be deployed this year, will
enable ATQ to track the transportation and movement of sheep and beef
cattle throughout the Province. The system combines RFID (Radio
Frequency Identification) readers, handheld computers, software and
printers to track the animals (already RFID tagged) and will enable
Quebec to become the first jurisdiction in North America to integrate a
complete traceability solution from farm to slaughterhouse.

Founded in 2001, Agri-Tracabilite Quebec is a not-for-profit
organization jointly managed by the ministere de l'Agriculture, des
Pecheries et de l'Alimentation du Quebec (Ministry of Food, Agriculture
and Fisheries), the Union des producteurs agricoles (The Union of
Agricultural Producers)(UPA) and La Financiere agricole du Quebec. Its
primary mandate is to implement a livestock identification and tracing
system for the beef, sheep and pork sectors by 2005. Its mission is to
contribute significantly to the improvement of food safety through the
development, implementation and operation of a permanent identification
and tracing system for agricultural products including both animal and
crop production.

The transportation of live animals is a vital sector in Quebec
agriculture. Each day, thousands of animals are moved to and from farms,
auction sites, slaughterhouses and other premises. As of November 2004,
ATQ's registry listed more than 375 carriers and 536 vehicles involved
in the system.

Currently, all owners of fixed premises where animals sojourn must
declare the presence of sheep and bovine on their properties. In all,
there are more than 32,000 agricultural sites that must declare,
identify (RFID) and register the birth of all ovine and bovine. At
project completion, the stakeholders of Quebec's agricultural industry
will be members of the first jurisdiction in North America to deploy a
fully integrated farm to slaughterhouse traceability system.

Mr. Robert Henri, Vice-President of Syscan said, "ATQ is the North
American leader in the integration of animal traceability and
identification systems. Their solutions and systems are internationally
recognized for their reliability, efficiency and originality. Our
expertise in RFID, combined with our capacity to develop applications
that meet ATQ's high criteria and requirements were the primary elements
which contributed to our success. Syscan is proud to have been selected
by ATQ to collaborate in implementing the system."

Mr. Axel Striefler, President of Syscan said, "The implementation of a
transportation traceability solution is a significant step in the
completion of the second of four separate stages leading to a complete
traceability system from farm to fork. Stage one, the implementation of
farm based identification systems has been in process worldwide since
the outbreak of mad cow disease. The second stage, the implementation
of a complete transportation system is now available thanks to ATQ's
initiatives. Syscan has already introduced and implemented traceability
systems in both beef and pork slaughterhouses (stage three) and in the
next few months we will be launching our market leading fourth stage
solution (processing plant to retailer). Full farm to fork traceability
is at hand."

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Syscan is an Applications Solutions Provider of RFID based business
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