Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund

June 26, 2013 11:23 ET

Quebecor Fund Announces List of Funded Producers and Distributors Under its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP)

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - June 26, 2013) - The Quebecor Fund Board of Directors is pleased to announce the names of the production companies and distributors whose projects will receive sixth-round funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP), following June 3, 2013 submissions. A total of $885,000 in funding will be shared among the selected producers and distributors. The seven successful projects will be produced and distributed by PR3 Médias inc., Productions Une seule fois inc., Productions La Fête inc., Kaïbou Production inc., Item 7 inc., Christal Films Productions inc., Max Films inc., K Films Amérique and Films 2.0 inc., Métropole Films Distribution inc., Les Films Séville inc., Les Films Christal s.e.c. and Les Films Équinoxe inc.

Quebecor Fund's EFPAP program seeks to capture synergies with all industry stakeholders in order to:

  • support the production of Canadian French-language feature films;
  • support multiplatform exploitation of feature films and, in particular, foster integrated marketing strategies with an interactive component, starting from the development stage;
  • enable the creative / production team to produce a work as close as possible to its original creative vision;
  • support television coverage of French-language events with Canadian content;
  • support television coverage of events with integrated promotion and distribution on multiple platforms, including TV on demand;
  • realize a return on investment in order to increase the Fund's impact on applicants.

Quebecor Fund is an independent fund with a mission to support the production of Canadian content intended for television broadcast. Quebecor Fund backs television, film and event production, as well as the production of related interactive multimedia components that use new information and communication technologies, particularly platforms such as high-speed Internet, interactive television (ITV), video on demand (VoD), and/or various fixed and mobile devices.

Quebecor Fund was established through Videotron Ltd., which provides over $7.6 million annually in broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the Canadian industry. Under its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP), launched in September 2010, Quebecor Fund has granted 28 film projects and 8 event projects financial assistance totalling nearly $5.1 million to date.




  • Television producer: PR3 Médias inc.
  • Event producer: PR3 Médias inc.

Chorale is a mega-event that will kick off the Festival d'été de Québec in 2013. Iconic Québec singers and a 500-person choir will perform on the largest stage in Canada.

Céline: une seule fois

  • Television producer: Productions Une seule fois inc.
  • Event producer: Québécomm Diffusion 2013 inc.

Céline Dion comes home on July 27 to perform her greatest hits before 60,000 fans. The one-time, world exclusive concert will take place on the legendary Plains of Abraham.


La Gang des hors-la-loi

  • Producer: Productions La Fête inc.
  • Distributors: K-Films Amérique et Films 2.0 inc.

The latest installment of the Tales for All series follows 12-year-old Nicolas, who lives with his mother and sister in a fishing village. His father died at sea two years ago. His grandfather Jérémie has not recovered from his grief. Whenever they're not in school, Nicolas and his friends can be seen on the village baseball diamond. Until the morning when they find it has been turned into the town's garbage dump. The kids decide to fight back and pick Nicolas as their leader. Jérémie joins the resistance. Nicolas will learn leadership the hard way.

Un monde truqué

  • Producer: Kaïbou Production inc.
  • Distributor: Métropole Films Distribution inc.

Un monde truqué is an animation that springs from the world of graphic novelist Jacques Tardi. In 1940s France, scientists are mysteriously disappearing, depriving humanity of breakthrough inventions. Avril is searching for her parents, scientists who have gone missing. She is accompanied by her talking cat Darwin, her grandfather Pops, and Julius, a young thief and police informer. Together, the foursome will encounter danger and mystery in a world where things are not as they seem.

Ghost(s) (working title)

  • Producer: Item 7 inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Séville inc.

Successful author Jacques Wolfe hasn't written a line in 10 years. His whole life is a lie; a ghost writer has been producing the novels that bear his name. Then the ghost writer's world collapses and he loses the ability to write. Jacques turns to a new assistant, the tender-hearted Antoine. The encounter between the three men will change their lives. Their individual quests - and the influence of three women - take them to a troubling world at the farthest reaches of America, with no familiar signposts.

Le Relampeur

  • Producer: Christal Films Productions inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Christal s.e.c.

Le Relampeur, produced by Christian Larouche and starring Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon, is the first fictional feature from writer-director Martin Talbot. The movie tells the story of Henri, who devotes himself to bringing light to the lives of others. But he himself cannot escape the darkness. An innocent at heart, Henri strives to bring lonesome souls such as himself out of the shadows in the hope of becoming somebody in the eyes of others. Henri's real talent is rekindling extinguished spirits.


  • Producer: Max Films inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Équinoxe inc.

Corbo is set in Montréal in the spring of 1966. Québec is in turmoil. Jean Corbo, 16, an idealistic teenager born to a Québécoise mother and a father of Italian origin, is torn between two identities. After becoming friends with two far-left activists, he joins an underground organization dedicated to sparking a socialist revolution in Québec through acts of violence. It is called the FLQ. Jean's fate is now out of his hands.

Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund, a non-profit organization, is a private fund incorporated as a company without capital stock under Part 2 of the Canada Corporations Act. The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the Fund, including its direction, and is entirely and exclusively responsible for its funding decisions. The next deadline for applications for funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP) will be in early 2014 (exact date to be determined). The next deadline for submissions for the Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP) is October 1, 2013. For more information, see the guidelines on the Quebecor Fund website at

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