Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund

July 03, 2014 15:12 ET

Quebecor Fund Announces List of Funded Producers and Distributors Under Its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP)

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwired - July 3, 2014) - The Quebecor Fund Board of Directors is pleased to announce the names of the production companies and distributors whose projects will receive eighth-round funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP) following June 9, 2014 submissions. The selected producers and distributors will share a total of $898,000 in funding. The seven successful projects will be produced and distributed by: Productions PR3 Médias 2014 Inc. and Juste pour rire TV inc., Cinémaginaire inc., Christal Films Productions Inc. and Films du boulevard inc., PCF Paul le Film inc. (Caramel Films inc.), micro_scope inc., Films Vision 4 inc., Les Films Séville inc., Les Films Christal S.E.C., Remstar Films inc., Téléfiction Distribution & Marketing inc.

Quebecor Fund's EFPAP program seeks to capture synergies with all industry stakeholders in order to:

  • support the production of Canadian French-language feature films;
  • support multiplatform exploitation of feature films and, in particular, foster integrated marketing strategies with an interactive component, starting from the development stage;
  • enable the creative / production team to produce a work as close as possible to its original creative vision;
  • support television coverage of events with French-language Canadian content;
  • support television coverage of events with integrated promotion and distribution on multiple platforms, including TV on demand;
  • help recipients realize a return on investment in order to increase the Fund's impact.

Quebecor Fund, a major source of financing for Canadian television, event and film production and for digital media content, is an independent fund with a mission to support the development, production and marketing of high-quality content and its exploitation on various interactive platforms that use new information and communication technologies, such as interactive television (ITV), video on demand (VoD), mobile devices and high-speed Internet. Its new Export Assistance Program (EXAP) supports export initiatives by funding the development of audiovisual content adapted for non-Québec and international markets as well as marketing efforts.

Quebecor Fund was established through Videotron Ltd., which provides an average of more than $8 million annually in broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the Canadian industry. Under its Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP), launched in September 2010, Quebecor Fund has granted 38 film projects and 11 event projects financial assistance totalling nearly $6.7 million to date.



Félix, je me souviens!

  • Television producer: Productions PR3 Médias 2014 Inc.
  • Event producer: Productions PR3 Médias 2014 Inc.

Félix Leclerc would have turned 100 on August 2, 2014 but his words, his melodies and his legend remain alive and firmly embedded in Québec's cultural psyche. The king is not dead. This year, the 47th Festival d'été de (Québec City summer festival) opens with a tribute to Félix Leclerc's legacy on the Plains of Abraham.

Gala Hommage à Gilles Latulippe

  • Television producer: Juste pour rire TV inc.
  • Event producers: Production Juste pour rire II inc. / Festival Juste pour rire

A tribute gala at the 2014 Festival Juste pour rire / Just for Laughs Festival. The show hosted by Stéphan Bureau traces Gilles Latulippe's career and his impact on Québec comedy.


Perdi an Ayiti

  • Producer: Cinémaginaire inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Séville Inc.

One-time stand-up star Marc Morin has hit hard times. To get his career back on track, his agent sends him to Haiti to serve as an NGO spokesman in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Marc is not keen on the idea but the experience opens his eyes to the depths of human misery and the power of human resilience. And he will realize what he wants to do with the rest of his life. A satirical comedy written by François Avard and directed by Benoit Pelletier.

Glace noire, la dernière chasse-galerie

  • Producers: Christal Films Productions inc. and Films du boulevard inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Christal S.E.C.

Joe Farrel, former foreman and farmer with lofty ambitions, is in love with beautiful businesswoman Liza Gilbert. But dark forces seem to be conspiring against their happiness. Struggling to save the things he holds dear, Joe places his trust in a scoundrel.

Paul à Québec

  • Producer: PCF Paul le Film inc. (Caramel Films inc.)
  • Distributor: Remstar Films Inc.

Paul à Québec chronicles the family life of Paul and his in-laws as the end nears for father-in-law Roland. An ode to life that reminds us of the beauty of the moment and the importance of experiencing every minute to the fullest, despite the pain of loss and parting.

Guibord s'en va-t-en guerre

  • Producer: micro_scope inc.
  • Distributor: Les Films Christal S.E.C.

Steve Guibord, the independent Member of Parliament for Prescott-Harricana-Rapides-aux-Outardes, holds the unwilling deciding vote that will determine whether Canada goes to war. While he tours the riding to sound out his constituents, pressure groups mobilize, the debate turns nasty, and Steve finds himself face to face with his own conscience. A Philippe Falardeau film.

Le journal d'Aurélie Laflamme - Les pieds sur terre

  • Producer: Films Vision 4 inc.
  • Distributor: Téléfiction Distribution & Marketing inc.

Grade 11 student Aurélie has realized that she can't take anything for granted and has to reclaim her place every day. Coping with a wrenching romantic triangle, decisions about her future and an uncertain role in her blended family, our heroine boldly confronts the daily obstacles of teenage life.

Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund, a non-profit organization, is a private fund incorporated as a company without capital stock under Part 2 of the Canada Corporations Act. The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the Fund, including its direction, and is entirely and exclusively responsible for its funding decisions. The next deadline for applications for funding under the Event and Film Production Assistance Program (EFPAP) will be in early 2015 (exact date to be determined). The next deadline for submissions for the Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP) is October 1, 2014. For more information, see the guidelines on the Quebecor Fund website at

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