Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal

Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal

February 17, 2005 14:09 ET

Quebec's Energy Future: JCCM debates current issues with Claude Demers (Hydro-Québec), Philippe Raphals (Centre Hélios) and Steven Guilbeault (Greenpeace Canada)

MONTREAL, Feb. 17 - The Jeune Chambre de commerce de
Montréal (JCCM), in cooperation with representatives of Hydro-Québec, Centre
Hélios and Greenpeace Canada, organized a successful debate on Quebec's energy

The JCCM will soon issue a brief on this issue and will be forwarding it
to various ministers concerned.

The debate was centred on the following question: considering that
Quebec's energy market is worth $20 billion (hydro-electricity, natural gas,
petroleum products, wind and nuclear energy) and given that Canadians are
among the greatest consumers of energy in the world, what direction should the
Quebec government take regarding the development of energy sources?

In addition to the debate, which was hosted by Diane Bérard, editor in
chief of the magazine Commerce, the JCCM presented its four key
recommendations from the upcoming brief.

For the JCCM, Quebec needs to emphasize the various energy sources
available on its territory by maintaining its hydro-electric projects and
investing in alternative energy sources:

1. Making energy efficiency a priority for Hydro-Québec and the
Quebec government;

2. Adjusting the costs of energy progressively;

3. Increasing energy production in order to export the surplus and to
generate additional finances; and

4. Making energy resource management a transparent process by
disseminating credible information, a key element for the
institutions that manage our resources.

"We must all work together to ensure the responsible management of our
energy resources in order to protect sustainable economic development in
Quebec, development that is essential in order to ensure the ongoing well-
being of Quebecers," said Patrice Borreman, President of the JCCM.

The brief will soon be available on the website of the Jeune Chambre de
commerce de Montréal at .

About the JCCM

The JCCM is an association of young executives, professionals,
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in 1931, it represents some 1,500 members, whose average age is 33, making it
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