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December 18, 2008 23:59 ET

QuestAir drives biogas-to-CNG vehicle fuel projects in Asia and Europe

VANCOUVER, Dec. 18 - QuestAir Technologies Inc. ("QuestAir"; AIM:
QAR; TSX: QAR) announced today that it will supply M-3200 pressure swing
adsorption (PSA) systems for two unique projects that create renewable
compressed natural gas (CNG) from biogas.

The projects will use QuestAir PSA systems to remove carbon dioxide and
other contaminants from biogas waste streams to produce clean CNG that will
power vehicles. Creating renewable vehicle fuel to replace gasoline and diesel
is the highest value-added use of biogas, and the process is becoming more
popular in North America, Europe and now Asia.

"These two orders move QuestAir forward in an exciting direction," said
Andrew Hall, President and CEO, QuestAir Technologies. "We have made strong
inroads in purifying biogas for use as a renewable substitute for natural gas,
and today's orders create further momentum for our proven, compact technology
in the vehicle fuel market."

The two projects, one in Korea and the other in Austria, build on the
success QuestAir has enjoyed with biogas-to-CNG projects in California and

Spezialgase und Kryotechniksysteme Limited (SKS) and Salzburg AG, a large
Austrian utility provider, have ordered a new M-3200 to expand their
demonstration project in Salzburg, Austria. The plant purifies biogas
generated by the digestion of grass clippings and other green waste from the
city's municipal gardens, providing clean, green CNG for use as a vehicle fuel
for city buses.

"We are well-acquainted with QuestAir's technology, having successfully
used a smaller M-3200 at our demonstration project," said Franz Griesmaier,
President of SKS. "When we required a new purification system for our
expanding operation, QuestAir was the obvious choice due to the PSA
technology's reliability, efficiency and compact size."

SKS and Salzburg AG will continue to use their current QuestAir PSA
system at another project site in Wagrain, south of Salzburg. Salzburg AG has
plans to develop up to 20 additional biogas projects in Austria.

Daesung Industrial Gases Co. Ltd. is developing one of the first
biogas-to-CNG projects in Asia in Kimpo City, where biogas produced at the
municipal landfill will be purified to create CNG fuel for use in city
vehicles. Daesung Industrial and Hansol EME, a Korea-based environmental
engineering company, plan to build a large-scale biogas upgrading plant in
2010 if the demonstration project meets expectations.

QuestAir's M-3200 PSA perfectly fits the Kimpo City project's
requirements for a reliable, cost-effective purification system with a proven
track record in other biogas-to-CNG applications.

The use of CNG as a vehicle fuel is growing quickly in many areas of the
world that do not have their own sources of oil. Biogas purification provides
a domestic, renewable source of CNG that is supported by government policy and
subsidies in many countries.

"The market for renewable natural gas continues to grow as more and more
nations realize the importance of investing in green energy to replace foreign
fossil fuels," said Hall. "We believe this is a long-term trend that will
continue to gain momentum as fossil fuel prices rise from today's trough and
governments around the world embrace energy security."

About QuestAir M-3200

QuestAir's M-3200 purifies methane-containing gas streams such as
anaerobic digester gas and landfill gas to high purity methane, suitable for
supplementing existing natural gas supplies. The M-3200's optimized pressure
swing adsorption ("PSA") process and proprietary rotary valve technology
deliver higher efficiency than conventional PSA systems in a more compact,
cost effective package. QuestAir's M-3200 system can upgrade up to 250,000
cubic feet of biogas per day.

About QuestAir Technologies Inc.

QuestAir Technologies, Inc. is a developer and supplier of proprietary
gas purification systems for several large international markets, including
biogas production, natural gas processing and oil refining. QuestAir is based
in Burnaby, British Columbia and its shares trade on the AIM Market of the
London Stock Exchange Plc. and on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol

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