February 26, 2009 09:01 ET

Quick Stats Upgrade to eReport Card by AutoUpLinkUSA Spotlights Metrics Dealers Need to Improve Inventory Turn and Aging

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - February 26, 2009) - Quick Stats, the latest upgrade to AutoUpLinkUSA's successful eReport Card, spotlights vehicle turn and average age of inventory metrics to further help auto dealers more competitively price vehicles online.

With Quick Stat enhancements, aged inventory is immediately recognizable according to age by color coding -- green, yellow and red, from new to vehicles aged up to 30 days and up to units more than 61 days. Turn metrics are based on previous month history and average age of inventory on current data.

A clickable button to display Quick Stats data appears automatically on the dealer's eReport Card that appears on screen when the dealer logs on to the AutoUpLinkUSA Profit Center web dashboard.

eReport Card, as the name implies, gives dealers and their e-commerce managers real-time summaries of their online inventory performance. Equipped with this vital inventory insight, management can then quickly make inventory pricing adjustments, if desired, automatically to any or all vehicles the dealer markets through online car shopping sites, as well as to the dealership's web site inventory.

Other key metrics identified and measured by eReport Card include vehicle images, vehicle comments, vehicle pricing, vehicles with steaming video, and inventory serviced by an AutoUpLinkUSA field agent. Understanding the nuances of these metrics is critical to understanding how well the dealership's online inventory listings are performing.

Auto retailers should contact their AutoUpLinkUSA representative for more information about eReport Card or visit

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