SOURCE: Quickparts, Inc.

September 17, 2007 12:35 ET

QuickARC™ Announces the New Technology of Interactive Plastic 3D Scale Models for the Home Builder and Architectural Market

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - September 17, 2007) - QuickARC, a new division of Quickparts®, made its debut into the architectural and home builder market today by launching its innovative service to provide interactive plastic scale models to architects and home builders in need of real physical models.

QuickARC is changing the way home builders sell new construction with interactive plastic 3D home models. QuickARC has developed innovative processes that incorporate 3D CAD, 3D Printing, and traditional model making techniques to deliver life-like, interactive scale models much faster and cheaper than traditional modeling methods.

QuickARC uses the latest layer-based 3D Printing technology to make it easy for architects and builders to buy custom-designed architectural models. QuickARC takes the architectural design off the screen and into the conference room in the form of a real plastic model. The real life models dramatically improve the communication and understanding between client and architect during the project review and sales process.

"We are responding to the expanding exposure of 3D CAD modeling and 3D Printing methods and technology in the architectural design world," said Mark Mackie, Executive Vice President of QuickARC. "For the architect, we make it easy for them to quote and buy 3D-printed models on our website. For the builder, we have successfully developed a robust solution to take his unique home design from classic 2D blueprints to fully detailed and finished 3D plastic interactive models, in half the time and half the cost of traditional model makers. QuickARC interactive home models become the showpiece of the sales center for new home developments."

The interactive plastic models offer sales prospects the ability to "see with their hands," to remove rooftops and floors, to locate and re-locate furniture and fixtures, and to interact with the flow of the room layout. The detail of the QuickARC model allows for closer inspection of fine elements, details easily overlooked in the usual 2-dimensional plans.

The website offers information-specific "zones" for the architect and builder. Each zone is jam-packed with important, market-specific information for either consumer.

"Since this is a new emerging technology, we feel that customer education is critical to the growing acceptance of 3D printing as a standard way of doing business," said Mr. Mackie. "So, we created the Architect's Zone and the Builder's Zone to provide consumer-specific information about the value of our real 3D models."

QuickARC has also created an interactive Learning Center to help consumers learn more about the methods and techniques used in the process of building interactive plastic home models. Features of the Learning Center include: QuickARC Technology, How to Export 3D CAD to STL, 2D to 3D Conversion, Model Styles, and much more.

Coming in Q4 2007, QuickARC will deploy QuickQuote®, the instant online quoting technology from Quickparts. Customers will then have the ability to upload designs in 2D or 3D format, and receive a customized, unique, binding quote for the production of their own model in just seconds.

To learn more about QuickARC and all its features, please visit or call 866.550.2527.

About QuickARC

QuickARC is focused on bringing innovative layer-based construction methods and techniques to the architectural and builder markets. QuickARC was born from, the country's largest provider of low-volume and high-volume custom-manufactured parts to the product development community. QuickARC is changing the way architects and builders quote and buy their 3D physical interactive models.

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