Quik Pod

Quik Pod

November 22, 2007 11:00 ET

Quik Pod: Travel Gadget Discovered by Canadian After Five Thousand Years!

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 22, 2007) -

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Monopods, one legged creatures, date back thousands of years to Greek mythology. In photography the name describes a one legged device used to stabilize cameras.

Canadian Wayne Fromm, inventor of the Quik Pod(R) Pro+, the world's first handheld tripod, has now revolutionized the monopod industry with the Quik Pod(R) DSLR. Fromm has developed the opposite of a traditional monopod and has added a handle to the foot that touches the ground. Fromm noted that monopods are commonly used to extend a photographer's reach although they all lacked a handle.

For the first time in history, photographers have a monopod with a grip handle for extended reach and self-imaging. Quik Pod(R) DSLR includes a proprietary built-in wide-angle mirror for overhead viewing and self-portraits while traveling. www.quikpod.com/dslr.asp

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Quik Pod(R) is one of the favourite, perfect travel gadgets chosen by MSN enabling the traveling photographer to be included in photos and videos without asking strangers to operate their camera. The Quik Pod(R) DSLR is designed for DSLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to 1 kg. The Quik Pod(R) DSLR converts from handheld use to monopod in seconds and extends the reach by more than 1.2 meters yet weighs only 255 grams.

Families and people on vacation will appreciate this versatile tool for making picture taking and video shooting possible without asking anyone for assistance. Fromm took years to create what he calls "fun and practical tripods and monopods for all photographers."

The Quik Pod(R) DSLR can also be used for point and shoot cameras and to hold lighting apparatus as well. For adaptability it converts to a handy monopod and includes a carry bag, hiking clip, wrist strap, aluminum end cap, rubberized monopod adapter tip, belly pad and quick release camera mount. Simply set the camera self-timer, aim and smile. Attaches to all cameras.

Wayne Fromm will be launching Quik Pod(R) DSLR on The Shopping Channel this Saturday. It will be available starting the first week of December at Blacks Photography and Henrys Photo under the brand name Compod. Published U.S. Patents 20060257137 and 20060257138.

Downloadable photos and spec sheets are available at: http://www.quikpod.com/Press.asp

Review units are available upon request.

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