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October 22, 2014 11:52 ET

Quincy Animal Health Announces the Launch of Neutricks for Cats

Makers of Neutricks, a Canine Cognitive Support Supplement, Introduces a Unique Product for Cats to Support Cognitive Health

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - October 22, 2014) - Quincy Animal Health, makers of the brain health supplement Neutricks® for canines, is pleased to announce the launch of Neutricks for Cats. The product contains the memory-enhancing ingredient apoaequorin, and is designed to support the mental health of cats with minor cognitive impairment due to aging.

Neutricks for Cats is a new approach to healthy brain aging for the senior wellness market, and is the first product specifically developed for senior feline brain health. Based on the success of the calcium-binding protein apoaequorin in canine trials, Quincy Animal Health designed Neutricks for Cats as a fish-flavored sprinkle supplement to maintain healthy cognitive function in cats.

Studies suggest as many as 28 percent of cats aged 11 to 14 years develop at least one geriatric behavioral problem. 

Cats, as in all mammals, lose calcium-binding proteins that protect brain cells. This protein loss affects cognitive function which leads to behavioral problems as they grow older, such as increased vocalization, house soiling, and changes in social activity. 

The patented calcium-binding protein has demonstrated the ability to support brain cells and enhance cognitive function.

"After seeing great success in the ability of Neutricks to help older dogs with behavioral problems, we are excited to provide the same senior benefits for cats," said Mark Underwood, president and co-founder of Quincy Animal Health.

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About Quincy Animal Health
Quincy Animal Health is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel compounds to address age-related changes in memory, cognitive performance and related issues of aging pets. The company's first product, Neutricks® brand dietary supplement (apoaequorin), is now available for sale by veterinarians. Neutricks is backed by research that shows it helps support brain health.

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