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December 08, 2014 16:51 ET

Quito, Ecuador Congratulates the New7Wonders Cities Winners

The City of Quito, Ecuador Congratulates the New7Wonders Cities Winners, and Thanks the Thousands of Supporters for Their Votes Through the First Five Phases of the Global Competition

QUITO, ECUADOR--(Marketwired - December 08, 2014) - Quito has been honoured with a number of successes throughout 2014 and being among the 14 finalist cities in the New7Wonders contest is just one of the reasons why Quito is a top destination for 2015. Quito has also been recognized with a World Travel Award for being the leading destination in South America. This year, Quito and its surrounding areas served as the location for the 2014 Huairasinchi Explorer Adventure Racing World Championships.

Quito' vibrant colonial architecture -- the first official UNESCO location -- with its detailed and artistic masonry and metal work has no parallel in the world. The city's culinary culture, with a mixture of South American and European flavours, combines ingredients and techniques that will please the most demanding palates.

The city is physically right in the middle of the world. At latitude 00'00", Quito is the only city on the planet where visitors can have each foot on different hemispheres at the same time. Quito's location also makes it the perfect hub for adventure travel in Ecuador, from hiking or cycling the Cotopaxi, trekking the amazon, or flying out to the Galapagos, Quito is the place to start.

Quito's main asset, however, is its people who are hardworking, welcoming, and joyful, Quito's people are the main reason for Quito's success and one of the fondest memories that visitors take when going back home.

Quito has identified increasing visitation through tourism as one of their strategic priorities for development. These efforts are paying off with a steady growth in visitation.

Over the last four years the number of visitors increased by 32 per cent from 461,865 in 2009 to 628,958 in 2013. From January to September 2014, Quito has welcomed more than 500,000 visitors, 10.3 per cent more than the same period in 2013.

It is estimated that Quito will reach 1,000,000 annual visitors by 2018.

The other New7Wonders winners include:

  • Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Doha (Qatar)
  • Durban (South Africa)
  • La Habana (Cuba)
  • Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • La Paz ( Bolivia ) 
  • Vigan (The Philipines)

Certainly, the presence of Ecuador's capital in this contest has greatly rewarding for Ecuadorians and it has become another reason for national unity. Quito had supporters from Quito, Ecuador, foreign residents in Ecuador and tourists from all around the world. The turnout of people along the route of Bus Quito Maravilla, which visited 21 cities in Ecuador, is proof that citizens, authorities, and media received this initiative with open arms.

As a Municipality and as Quito Tourism, we appreciate the support of the Central Government for the promotional support. We would also like to thank all the institutions, businesses and citizens who voted, and all the media that promoted the campaign since its inception.

About the New7Wonders:

The Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation was established in 2001 by the Swiss-born Canadian filmmaker, author and adventurer Bernard Weber, to contribute to the protection of the world's human-built and natural heritage and to foster respect for our planet's diversity. The first two chapters of New7Wonders, the New 7 Wonders of the World and the New7Wonders of Nature, were the world's first-ever global election campaigns. To date, citizens worldwide using digital communications technologies, creating a "Global Memory" for the first time in history, have cast over 600 million votes. The number 7 is central to the New7Wonders Global Memory concept, which is all about 7 things that everyone can remember and in which they can participate.

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