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June 23, 2008 09:00 ET

Quocirca Publishes Independent Report on IPSec VPN Management Challenges

NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - Leading provider of endpoint security solutions, NCP Engineering GmbH, today released the findings of an independent research report by Quocirca Ltd. addressing the challenges of IPSec VPN management. The report focuses on the essential elements of secure remote access using next-generation IPSec VPNs.

While IPSec VPN implementation has traditionally been viewed as expensive and time-consuming for large organizations, Quocirca has found that the next generation of IPSec VPN technologies has addressed these management headaches through automation, integrated security policy management, and centralized control.

"The ideal IPSec VPN will have centralized management capabilities, authentication and access control, robust security controls, sophisticated logging and reporting capabilities, and support for a wide range of communication methods," said Fran Howarth, Quocirca analyst. "NCP's Secure Communications technology is a prime example of a next-generation IPSec VPN that has solved the management and administration headaches associated with the labor-intensive processes required for old-style IPSec VPNs."

The Essential Elements of Secure Remote Access... Without the Management Headaches

The key findings of the Quocirca's research include:

--  Remote access is now a fact of life, but is not always easy to
    administer or manage.
    SSL VPNs can be limited in their capabilities for achieving full remote
    access and IPSec VPNs have traditionally had large management and
    administrative overheads associated with them as they relied on the
    manual installation of software agents on each device under management.

--  Next-generation IPSec VPNs streamline the management headaches
    associated with deployments in large complex environments.
    By providing centralized management capabilities, next-generation IPSec
    VPNs automate the processes associated with the administration,
    management and maintenance of VPNs through provision of one single
    point of administration.

--  IPSec VPN implementations can help organizations to improve their
    security procedures and achieve regulatory compliance objectives, such
    as data protection.
    Market-leading IPSec VPNs are supplied with powerful personal firewalls
    that handle security settings, preventing users from tampering with the
    security controls that have been set. They also enable checks to be
    made on the security levels applied to each endpoint under management
    and can enforce that the correct security tools are deployed on each
    machine, according to set security policies.

--  Security is only as good as the weakest point.
    As the number of technology systems in use in an organization
    proliferates, including databases, enterprise directories, operating
    systems and devices that allow mobile networking, the ideal IPSec VPN
    solution should provide coverage for a wide range of systems and
    devices in use today-as well as extending coverage to new forms of
    technology as they emerge and come into everyday use.

--  Full logging and reporting capabilities help organizations to tie all
    actions to the identity of the user performing those actions to prevent
    data leakage.
    By automating those processes involved in deploying, managing and
    maintaining IPSec VPNs, all events can be logged and suitable reports
    can be communicated to management and used for security
    audits -- especially where strong authentication is used to tie the user
    of a device to their identity.

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