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July 16, 2013 10:06 ET

Quorum Reveals Tips and Tricks to Avoid System Downtime Throughout 2013 Hurricane Season

Free Emergency Kit Offered to Anyone Who Tests System and Reports Results to Quorum

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Quorum®, the leading provider of one-click backup, recovery and continuity for small to mid-sized businesses, today shares advice on how organizations can dodge downtime this hurricane season. By following these proactive pre-disaster tips, your small to mid-sized business will be able to face the snarling winds of the 2013 hurricane season without any worry about enduring costly downtime. In addition, companies that test their system and report their results to Quorum can claim a free emergency kit.

Proactive Protection
Even with a disaster recovery solution in place, some of those hit by a natural disaster will still not be able to weather the storm. Prolonged system downtime is the culprit here: These organizations stand to lose an average of $74,000 an hour when their organizations must shut down due to lost data or an inability to serve their customers1. Taking a proactive approach by following these three tips is the key to ensure your small to mid-sized business does not fall into this category.

1. Select a hybrid DRaaS solution to ensure maximum uptime. There is great disparity among the solutions currently available in terms of their ability to ensure continuous system uptime. For example, tape or disk backup solutions require hours or even days to restore, and do not enable real-time recovery of systems and applications or business continuity. Further complicating the tape/disk backup approach is their storage location. Organizations using these solutions typically store their backup tapes or disks somewhere close to their co-location, so if their facility is unsafe in a hurricane's path, their backups likely are as well.

Cloud-based DRaaS presents an alternative -- and maximized uptime in the event of a disaster. By locating their backup data on the cloud, small and mid-sized businesses can be sure to successfully weather any disaster. Still, cloud backup alone can make recovery times longer due to the limited Internet bandwidth available to these organizations. In answer to this conundrum, Quorum offers a hybrid version, and uses ready-to-run, updated virtual clones of all protected servers. With this approach, the Quorum Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery solution delivers assured recovery of data, applications and systems in minutes, not days. Additionally, automatic and on-demand testing provides reassurance that a company's data, applications and systems are safe. This brings us to tip No. 2...

2. Test, test, test. And test again. A recent survey revealed that only 28 percent of small to mid-sized businesses test regularly, which means that the majority of these organizations are "playing chicken" with system downtime. Regular testing can reveal any number of changes to a company's network -- changes that could inhibit the recovery of not only data but also applications and systems should disaster strike. These changes can include added storage, new security patches, modified or removed applications. Backup corruption and human error add to the snags that are revealed with weekly testing, and can include tape corruption and incorrect setup of backups. While testing in with tape or disk backup solutions is complex and cumbersome, automatic, on-demand testing afforded by a hybrid cloud solution offers a simpler alternative.

3. Assemble a natural disaster survival kit (or two or three). Your kit should include first-aid supplies, a water bottle with a built-in filter and a Mylar emergency blanket. Keep a few on hand in various locations around the office. (Get one for free! Just conduct a test of your system and report your results to Quorum. We'll send you a Quorum natural disaster survival kit for your office, free of charge.)

"Hurricane season brings the notion of 'plan now for disaster recovery or pay later' into sharp focus," said Larry Lang, CEO, Quorum. "Given the extraordinary cost small to mid-sized businesses sustain with system downtime, their 'plan now' should include a solution that ensures geographic diversity between their data center location and their primary site. DRaaS fits this requirement, and helps organizations achieve true business continuity. Likewise, testing your system often and regularly can point out potential issues to be solved so you're ready when a disaster hits."

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1 "Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service: It Delivers," by Dick Csaplar, Aberdeen Group, 1 April 2012

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