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November 17, 2010 06:01 ET

QuorumLabs Simplifies & Automates Business Continuity Testing

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2010) - QuorumLabs announced version 3.0 of the onQ Business Continuity Appliance that allows companies to routinely and automatically test their business continuity plans, providing them with the assurance that their data and applications will be instantly available should disaster strike. onQ is the only solution that automates the testing process, reducing it from a labor-intensive procedure that can take several days to an automatic process that takes only minutes. onQ 3.0 effectively solves the dilemma of difficult and inadequate testing, giving companies of all sizes the confidence that their IT systems are protected.

"Having a well-defined business continuity plan is of no value unless you are confident it will work when you need it most," said CEO Larry Lang of QuorumLabs. "If you can't test systems at regular intervals, you may be testing them when there's no room for error. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of companies regularly conduct tests and the majority of them are compelled to do so for compliance reasons since it's such a time-consuming process. Now, businesses can simply use the turnkey onQ appliance to perform automated, real-world testing in less than an hour, instead of the days or weeks it would take with other solutions."

"onQ is the only business continuity solution that lets you test your disaster recovery plan in minutes and instantly prove your systems are available and up-to-date," said Zachary Schuler,
 CEO of Cal Net Technology Group. "Traditional solutions are time-consuming and resource intensive and typically require a company to rent space, rent servers, install the servers, recover from tape, hire multiple consultants and more, over a period of 3-4 days, just to test their disaster recovery plan! With onQ, companies can now easily test once a month as opposed to once a year."

Studies have shown that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months.onQ goes beyond off-site and on-line backup and makes complete business continuity possible by providing simple one-click recovery - starting an up-to-date virtual copy of the failed server right on the appliance. The new onQ 3.0 features:

  • Self test capability -- Automatically boots up Recovery Nodes in "background" of test network to transparently take over and demonstrate that applications and data are available. Shortens the testing process from one week to an hour and does not require extra equipment or personnel.
  • Large deployments -- onQ 3.0 adds a full range of scalability and performance enhancements for use in larger server deployments.
  • Error detection and diagnostics -- Improved predictive error detection and self-diagnostics to identify errors early, diagnose and alert businesses in advance of incidents to ensure business continuity.

Price and Availability
QuorumLabs' partners offer onQ in a variety of ways to meet customer needs, including dual-appliance configurations with up to 13 terabytes internal storage (expandable with external storage) and models starting at under $15,000 for a pair of replicating appliances. Visit to find your local reseller.

About QuorumLabs
QuorumLabs™ develops technologies and products that make enterprise-class technologies such as virtualization easy and affordable for businesses of any size. QuorumLabs introduced the industry's first turnkey business continuity solution that ensures One-Click Recovery™. Located in Fremont, California, QuorumLabs was spun out of Themis Computer in 2008. More information about QuorumLabs can be found at

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