May 22, 2013 09:00 ET

Quoto Reduces Misattribution Of Quotes By Building Comprehensive, Interactive Quote Database

Erroneous information is published across the Internet, and it can be especially difficult to find reliable quotations. In order to reduce the misattribution of quotes and increase reliability, Quoto is compiling a comprehensive quote database. Each quote is added manually and sourced, and additional information on the author, the context of the quote, and trivia are provided. Quoto is not only a reliable source of quality quotes, but it is also a fun, interactive and shareable website

DALLAS, TEXAS--(Marketwired - May 22, 2013) - Quoto is in the process of manually adding quotes to their comprehensive and interactive quote database in order to reduce quote misattribution. Quoto, a website already containing more than 150,000 quotes from historic and contemporary individuals, is dedicated to ensuring each quote comes from an authentic source.

In the digital age, it is far too easy for incorrect information to become trusted. Jason Bacchetta, the Founder of Quoto, explains, "the misattribution of quotes is rampant in today's world. It starts with a few quotation websites that publish erroneous information, and is made worse by the thousands of other quote sites that simply copy those databases." Bacchetta and the team at Quoto are working to reduce these errors and provide the site visitors with quality information.

Each quote is added to the database manually after being checked against an authoritative and reliable source by one of the team's editors. However, the site is much more than a stagnant quote database; Quoto is interactive and constantly changing, which makes finding bite-sized life lessons fun. Images of the author of each quote are added, as well as background on the author, contextual information, interpretations of the quote, and trivia. This helps the site's visitors gain a deeper understanding of informative, thoughtful or funny quotes.

The search tool in the database makes finding the perfect quote incredibly easy. It is possible to search by topic, by author, and by keyword. Quoto even helps visitors by highlighting popular authors and topics.

While Quoto was created in part to reduce error and improve accuracy, Bacchetta explains that this site is not just for students and teachers. "Quite simply," says Bacchetta, "the site is for everyone." Picture quotes add a visual angle, and are incredibly easy to share with friends. Each quote in the database can be shared over a variety of different social media sites, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; quotes are not just for school research papers. In addition to this, Quoto provides visitors with inspirational quotes of the day.


Since its launch in early 2013, Quoto has become the most trusted source of intelligent quotes. An online provider of quotes from politicians, sportspeople, philosophers, writers and more, Quoto is so much more than a database. The site is interactive and includes images and trivia. Quoto is made up of a team of expert editors with a keen eye for errors, which ensures all quotes are correct and from an authoritative source. For more information on Quoto, or to find a short motivational message, visit quoto.com.




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