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July 15, 2015 01:00 ET

Quovant Pivots With New Product Release

Legal Spend and Matter Management Provider Moves the Market

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - July 15, 2015) - Quovant, a premier legal spend and matter management solution provider, today announced the release of Pivot™, an innovative legal spend and matter management solution for the corporate legal, risk and claims marketplace. Pivot was built from the ground up using world-class tools and design approaches, and technologies developed for the 21st century. Combining both technology and services on-demand, Pivot is a one of a kind legal spend and matter management offering.

For the past 20 years, Quovant has been relentless in finding new and innovative solutions to client's legal spend and matter management needs. As technology shifted, Quovant technology shifted with the marketplace. The release of Pivot, however, is something altogether different. "Pivot marks a shift from past generations of legal spend and matter management technology, and realizes the marketplace's vision of analytics as simple and actionable," said Nicky Mukerji, chief information officer at Quovant. "But as fundamental as data visualization is to Pivot, everything about it looks and feels different than what has represented the marketplace in the past, and it's because Pivot truly is different," said Mukerji.

The legal spend and matter management marketplace has experienced consolidation of vendors in recent years. In 2002 there were at least 10 vendors representing the vast majority of the market. Today, many of those players have been consumed by publishing conglomerates better known for their books and CDs than great corporate legal technology. Seeing no innovation in the marketplace, fewer and fewer options for buyers, aging technology and increasing demand for something new, Quovant decided to step up and the result is Pivot. Pivot is an innovative change of direction for the legal spend and matter management marketplace.

"Legal Spend and matter Management isn't 'plug and play'. But it isn't rocket science either," said Jai Israni, chief solution architect at Quovant. "It's clear to Quovant that the marketplace wants 'true' innovation and services tailored to specific needs. We believe in taking risks with innovative new ideas that make the lives of our clients better. We walk the walk as well as talk the talk."

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Quovant is a premier legal spend and matter management solutions provider focused on developing technology and delivering services to corporate legal departments, claims and risk departments in the US and Europe. Quovant addresses matter management, e-billing and spend management software needs with the added ability to include the human element when needed. From fully automated legal e-billing, to legal spend workflow and analytics, outside counsel management technology and services, and everything in between, Quovant picks up where traditional corporate legal technology providers leave off.

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