October 01, 2014 11:00 ET

Quri Modernizes Retail Industry With IMPACT, the First Tool to Analyze and Measure the Efficacy of Promotions Using In-Store Conditions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 01, 2014) - Quri Inc., a retail intelligence solutions provider for the world's largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, today announced the launch of IMPACT, the industry's first-ever performance tool that combines real-time sales data with Quri's in-store conditions data to enable managers to analyze and oversee their in-store promotions. Eight out of the 10 largest CPG companies in the U.S. are experiencing measurable success with IMPACT.

Quri IMPACT: How It Works

The key functionality of IMPACT allows retail execution managers to quickly ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of their promotions. It performs a granular, real-time analysis of in-store conditions data, including location, merchandising efforts and inventory. Using Quri-generated, crowd-sourced data, IMPACT calculates sales lift and ROI, allowing managers to closely review and adjust each promotion's performance.

"With the delivery of IMPACT and a strong customer roster, Quri continues to be the leader in advancing retail technology and related applications while establishing a significant market opportunity," said Justin Behar, CEO and co-founder of Quri, Inc. "We kept retail execution managers' specific promotional execution needs in mind when we created IMPACT, which offers tangible benefits to all brands and retailers."

Quri Addresses Retail Pains with IMPACT

Retail brands spend billions of dollars annually on in-store promotions, oftentimes without insight into each store's performance, creating a blind spot. In addition, a recent industry survey indicated that 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store*, highlighting the need for real-time, data-rich insight into a promotion's performance. Quri is disrupting the retail industry by introducing e-commerce-like analytics to create an advanced platform that leverages big data from both crowdsourcing and store-generated sources. IMPACT also improves a brand's plan and trade-spend allocation in the long term by enabling managers to analyze the entire history of their promotional performance by channel, vehicle and geography. By delivering IMPACT to the retail marketplace just before the holiday season, Quri is dramatically increasing brands' visibility into their promotional spend.

"With IMPACT's crowd-sourced, data-rich analysis, Quri is paving the way for retailers to maximize their promotional spend," said Behar. "This is the only solution that marries crowd-sourced and in-store data to provide analysis and instructive insight to positively impact the successful execution of a promotion."


IMPACT is available now and can be found at


About Quri

Quri is transforming retail execution by providing instant visibility into the performance of products and promotions on retail store shelves. Quri enables CPG companies and retailers to measure and optimize the exact shopper experience, maximizing the revenue and profitability of new product rollouts and on-going promotions. Quri is powered by a nationwide, on-demand mobile work force of consumers who can be immediately deployed at over 150,000 retail locations, providing real-time actionable data and insights to brands and retailers. By leveraging in-store conditions data along with proprietary algorithms, Quri steps beyond traditional data providers to offer the industry's most advanced, easy-to use-solution. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. For more information about Quri visit us at

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