September 13, 2011 08:00 ET

Qwip Launches to Ignite Social Voice Messaging

Social Voice Mobile App Applies Novel Voice-Centric Design to Make Rich, Creative Voice-Messaging a Core Sharing Medium

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - Today, Qwip launched its social voice-messaging app in order to dramatically expand and enhance the way we all message and share by providing a real and regular alternative to texting. Qwip will, at last, re-invest messaging with the emotion, personality, and natural ease of voice and make social voice-messaging a core sharing medium.

To-date, however, the few venturing into the world of voice have implemented designs based on existing texting and podcasting paradigms.

Qwip, in contrast, is at all points conscientiously crafted around the totally unique opportunities and challenges of voice, so as to, finally, unleash its power:

  • Qwip enhances the inherently emotive force of voice with limitless expressive clips and effects making voice-messaging customizable and creative.
  • Qwip uniquely realizes the opportunities voice presents as a consumption medium: effortlessly hear your social-feed on-the-go with a single tap, and Qwips are limited to ten seconds (private messages can be twenty-five seconds), so listening is light, fun, and easy.
  • Qwip addresses a challenge that has heretofore plagued voice-messaging, namely discovery. Qwip converts the key words from your Qwips to text, so you can follow threads and easily search and find what's of interest to you.

With Qwip, users can post rich voice and audio messages to your Facebook and Twitter friends; directly message friends and easily create private messaging groups; and, as the Qwip community expands, Qwip will be a place to post to and to hear personality-rich Qwips from friends and favorite celebrities and journalists.

"Let's be clear: Voice will become a staple sharing medium. Voice, along with the ambient sound that accompanies it, is just too easy and too rich in personality and emotion to remain limited to the province of phone-calls in today's fast and social smartphone-world; and, our sharing needs are too diverse," said Qwip CEO, Taylor Bollman. "Obstacles to this -- some do exist -- will eventually be overcome. Qwip's voice-tailored design overcomes these obstacles today."

Qwip is available for free in the Apple App Store or at

About Qwip
Qwip will, at last, re-invest messaging with the emotion, personality, and natural ease of voice and make social voice messaging a core sharing medium. Qwip has been conscientiously crafted around the unique challenges and opportunities of voice, so as to, finally, unleash the power of voice. Don't be limited to text. Be free to choose your medium according to your moment! With Qwip, we can at last have a social voice, fully -- and finally -- alive with personality, ambience, ease, and creativity.

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