September 27, 2011 14:56 ET

QWiPS Launches Social Voice Platform and iPhone App

Adds Sharing, Filters, Effects and More, Transforming Voice Into a Media Platform; Appoints Peter Grossman, JWT Veteran, CEO

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - Social voice platform QWiPS, formerly known as blurts, announced today the re-launch of its website ( and the upcoming launch of its mobile iOS app, featuring the ability to voice caption photos, voice tag Tweets and Facebook posts, apply filters and effects, create and share threaded voice conversations, and more.

The free app, available in early October in the Apple App Store, lets users spontaneously tag 30-second Qwips to any static image or text post, bringing them to life with emotion, personality, and authenticity. Qwips users can tell the story behind a photo in their own voice, share voice comments, jokes and anecdotes, and "visualize" their voice with a synthesizer, background sounds, and themed visuals like animations, frames and colors.

"Voice is the most fundamental way humans socialize and share stories. Evolution built voice into human DNA and QWiPS is building voice into our digital DNA," said Jeffrey Stier, QWiPS founder and president. "The social web binds us together in unique and inextricable ways with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even strangers. Yet, currently the social web is silent. QWiPS is changing that in a powerful way. Our goal is to become the tool of choice for the sharing and personalization of voice on the web."

QWiPS works for everyone, from publishers to public figures

QWiPS' dead-simple user interfaces and APIs open up an unlimited number of possible commercial applications. QWiPS' social voice platform can be used to activate brand and publisher marketing programs and partnerships by making content stand out, getting real-time feedback in the voices of consumers and enhancing customer service. QWiPS has proven to be more engaging than text, faster and more anonymous than video, and easy to implement and use.

QWiPS will also prove to be a valuable branding and marketing tool for athletes, musicians, entertainers and writers, among other public figures. Social media tools have fundamentally changed the relationships between such figures and their followers and fans, and by using QWiPS' social voice platform, they will be able to share, connect and interact with their fans via voice.

With QwipBacks™, the company's patent-pending voice-response technology, users can respond in their voice to any individual Qwip, facilitating an on-going dialogue. Users easily record these QwipBack™ responses via in-browser recording or the soon to be released QWiPS app. QwipBacks™ create asynchronous, short-form conversations that are both powerful and compelling, adding an additional layer of social web engagement.

QWiPS Makes its Debut

The beta version of the QWiPS app debuted during Fashion's Night Out (FNO) in NYC, where editors from Vogue and several top fashion bloggers created PhotoQwips™ -- voice captioned photos ( shared directly from their iPhones and distributed via Fashion's Night Out's Facebook and Twitter pages. PhotoQwips™ delivered unique, authentic content that allowed fashion fans worldwide to experience the excitement and special moments throughout the week.

QWiPS Names Peter Grossman, CEO

In related news, QWiPS appointed JWT veteran Peter Grossman as its new CEO.

"With Peter we are gaining a skilled and knowledgeable CEO," said Stier. "Peter's leadership abilities will allow me to focus on strategy, product development and evangelizing voice as a social tool for expression on equal ground with video, photos and text."

Prior to joining QWiPS, Grossman, a 20-year veteran of the advertising industry, most recently served as EVP, Director of Client Service at JWT, a WPP company and one of the world's best-known marketing communications brands. Grossman's extensive advertising and marketing background gives him a unique perspective and insight into top brands' and marketers' digital marketing efforts and the growing need for brands to humanize themselves in today's digital world.

"In addition to the countless consumer applications, voice and audio can be a powerful way for brands, marketers and celebrities to connect with their audiences," said Peter Grossman, CEO, QWiPS. "To date, publishers and brands have, for a variety of reasons, not leveraged the emotion and authenticity of true voice in their content, offerings or social strategies. When brands and publishers first use QWiPS, they quickly see how easily our technology can be integrated and recognize the power of our social voice platform."

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