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June 20, 2011 19:11 ET

R. v. Mernagh-Court of Appeal Set to Hear Arguments re: Medicinal Cannabis on Wednesday

Contempt? Patients, Groups and Industry Stakeholders Attempt to Intervene as Interested Parties in Order to Stop the Crown's Stay Motion - and Halt Gov't Plans to Restrict Access to Medicinal Cannabis Claiming Contempt for Justice Taliano's April 11 Order

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 20, 2011) -


Disabled compassionate medicinal cannabis pioneer, Richard West seeks leave to intervene in R. Mernagh Crown Appeal citing contempt allegations.

West is licensed to possess cannabis, and uses up to 70 grams per day as prescribed by his doctor. He is also the founder (The Niagara Seedbank & Vapor Lounge) a medicinal cannabis co-op located on Main St. in Niagara Falls – it is Niagara Region's 1st federally licensed medicinal cannabis production site / educational centre / dispensary and the first of its kind in Canada.

The press conference is scheduled in order to allow for West, as well as dozens of patients and interested stakeholders an opportunity to voice opposition to what they see as State contempt for Justice Taliano's April 11th, 2011 decision where the he said that:

"However, the health requirements of many Canadians demand urgent action to relieve their pain and suffering. Given the length of time that the issues raised in this proceeding have gone unresolved, it is long past time for the government to provide the medical access to marihuana that was directed by the Parker Court over ten years ago, and the subsequent decision and reservations expressed in Hitzig." D.J. Taliano April 11th, 2011 [From: R. v. Mernagh, 2011 ONSC2121 @ para. 335].

"I represent one of Canada's largest cooperatives of lawful designated growers and patients, and have also been asked to speak for thousands of other medicinal cannabis patients who are being made into victims by the state. In direct defiance of Justice Taliano's April 11th, 2011 Order, the state has continued to crack down on medicinal patients, continued to deny patients access to cannabis medicine, and continued to conspire to prevent patients from cultivating their own supply of medicine – all of which runs directly contrary to the order of Justice Taliano. We see this as contempt for justice, contempt for patients' rights, and contempt of Justice Taliano's order. We intend to pursue action against any and all parties who stand in the way medical cannabis," says West. "We are banding together today to stand against tyranny and in support of the sick who need medicine – the medical argument is over – this is just politics."

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