March 26, 2014 09:00 ET

R101.CA Retirement Planning Video Shows Most Canadians Are Not Ready to Retire

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 26, 2014) -

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Retirement is about living! Retirement 101® helps the average Canadian equip themselves with a guide to create, develop and maintain a plan for success at any stage of their life and under most realistic circumstances. You are at the beginning, middle or end of your financial life and perhaps you are starting all over.

In any case studies prove most people today are not ready to retire and only hope to be employed long enough to plan, save and retire comfortably. Windfalls, lottery winnings and beneficiary cheques are more difficult to come by in this day and age. How does one plan and explain their financial life as a going concern without the help, assistance and charity of others?

People are living a lot longer; therefore they will obviously need more money to live. What is the standard of living in Canada? What are inflation and the cost of living? What is my accustomed lifestyle? How can I make save or preserve more money? How will the government help? Where am I on the map? What is my time Horizons? What are my needs? What are the needs of my family? Getting a second look at your plan and portfolio review cannot hurt. Working, working part-time, consulting or selling or transitioning a business, book or practice are just some of the considerations you will face and have to deal with. Learn more about the most contemporary questions and concerns the average Canadian has and will face in the R101.CA Retirement Planning DVD Video Series. From start to finish you will learn what you need to know. You will be exposed to the specific language and the people, advice and companies who can help you most. A series of pro-active line of questioning you can call your own as a starting point that will help determine tough questions to get to truthful answers and real underlying issues. Take on our winning philosophy and proven 'You and Your Money' value system that makes sense and pays dividends.

What if you had a professional look at your finances without the pressure of a product sales pitch? What if we could answer the questions you didn't know and then formulate the exact questions you ask of yourself and your advisors. You have many random questions and we have a very few precise answers and significant advice.

Learn what you ought to know and re-learn what you need to know. Begin the journey in the next stage of your life with vigor and take account of yourself, your wants and your long-term needs. There are no secrets to retirement planning; some tips, tricks and things to remember along with a common sense approach and a positive investment mentality are critical in moving forward.

"The Retirement 101® Program is a process that looks far beyond the fear of retirement and retirement planning and considers both you and your money; it's personal. We have a strong desire to educate Canadians on saving and retirement. We want to help, educate and empower more people to achieve wealth and eventually "The Canadian Dream".

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