September 12, 2013 08:30 ET

rabt Launches New Video App for iPhone and iPad

Offers the Fastest, Easiest Way to Watch Videos on Mobile Devices Without Searching

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) - Online video fans have a new way to watch professional-quality videos in a custom tailored playlist with the launch of the new rabt® app for iPhones and iPads. rabt (pronounced "rabbit") is a free app that takes the labor intensive and time consuming search out of watching videos on mobile devices. Users simply launch the app and instantly a personalized video feed begins playing handpicked videos based on the their preferences. rabt is available as of today in the Apple iTunes AppStore.

More advanced than recommendation engines, the rabt app utilizes a patent-pending curation process to ensure viewers are served videos they will enjoy. rabt deploys a team of human editors to find, evaluate and select exceptional videos from major media publishers in eight major categories (news, film & entertainment, sports, automotive, tech & science, travel, comedy and lifestyle & fashion). A proprietary algorithm then utilizes a sophisticated statistical model to compare individual user preferences against other user profiles system-wide, resulting in a fine-tuned video feed customized for each user. Over time, the algorithm continues to "get smarter" as the viewer gives feedback on each video to help further refine the curation process.

"The rabt app is ideal for those who are on the go and like to watch videos in the small increments of free time during their day -- while commuting, waiting for appointments, or just for a quick break," said Yiannis Broustas, CEO and co-founder of rabt app ltd. "We believe people want an effortless way to watch videos on their mobile devices. rabt cuts through the ocean of video content to deliver a simple yet highly relevant experience."

Users can also share the videos they love on social media platforms or watch them on a television using Apple's Airplay.

rabt® is a personalized video app that custom curates video feeds for individual viewers, serving up only the videos that match their interests. Using a smart combination of human curation and proprietary algorithms, rabt learns viewer preferences and generates a custom feed of premium quality video from major media publishers. The rabt app was developed in Athens, Greece and has global headquarters in New York City. The company is funded by a group of international angel investors and recently received top honors and funding from the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award. To learn more, visit

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