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September 24, 2015 18:29 ET

Racer Boxes, a Vancouver Box Manufacturer, Offers Creative Ideas for Cardboard

Vancouver Box Manufacturer Racer Boxes Shares a Blog About How to Get Creative With Leftover Cardboard Boxes

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - September 24, 2015) - Racer Boxes, a box manufacturer in Richmond, B.C. within the Vancouver lower mainland area, has recently published an article full of innovative ideas for leftover boxes.

Children (and pets) are often drawn to empty boxes. Take 6-year old Calvin, from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. For him, a simple inverted box became the transmogrifer, a fabulous device that could transform anything into just about anything else. For more information, go to: However, while the transmogrifer might not be real, the blog at Racer Boxes lists 10 practical suggestions for leftover cardboard, which is a durable and safe material.

Top suggestions include turning an old box into a makeshift sled, constructing a sun shield with a little tin foil, or constructing all kinds of childrens' toys, such as dolls' houses, spaceships, racecars, forts, and robots.

"With so much durability, corrugated cardboard is certainly a good investment that goes beyond one use," says a company representative.

The innovation involved in taking a simple box and turning it into something new is an enjoyable activity that will appeal to most creative thinkers-and it's a great afternoon project for family bonding.

"Many people move in the fall, so this is a busy time for us. With Halloween coming up, people will definitely want to hold on to their their boxes. With a little creativity, there are some fabulous costume opportunities."

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