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January 15, 2014 11:00 ET

Radiator Genie Obtains U.S. Patent 8573237 for Unique Radiator and Cooling System Cleaning Wand

Oklahoma Rancher's Popular Invention Keeps the Radiators of Tractors -- and Anything Else -- Clean and at Peak Performance

OKEMAH, OK--(Marketwired - Jan 15, 2014) - Radiator Genie, the only air and water cleaning wand on the market that's specifically designed to clean radiators of all types and keep engine cooling systems at peak working condition, today announced the approval of its United States patent for the unique design of the affordable solution. The patent was obtained for the specially designed fan head that makes blowing and washing out radiators and cooling systems take just minutes.

The Radiator Genie, originally designed as an effective and efficient alternative to expensive tractor radiator cleanings (or replacements), can also be used to clean and improve the performance of radiators and cooling systems on trucks, A/C units, refrigerators, cars, boats, ATVs, lawn equipment, and much more. The versatile wand can also be used as a general-purpose pressure washer.

Today's farm machinery and construction equipment have very efficient designs of their cooling systems that demand frequent attention and cleaning. The radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, transmission cooler and DEF coolers are in close proximity to one another. The Radiator Genie is the only tool on the market that can effectively clean the entire surface area of these systems, including the hardest to reach areas. It is equally effective at cleaning all types and sizes of air filters.

On a tractor, the Radiator Genie fits in the engine's cowl, between the fan blades, and is at the correct angle to blow directly through the radiator coils while exerting maximum pressure to the backside of the radiator. The Radiator Genie clears away the dust and debris that can quickly accumulate through daily tractor use to prevent overheating -- and the subsequent damage overheating can cause -- with an easy-to-use wand design. Two different wands -- an air wand and a water wand -- can be used depending on the level of debris (and the pressure on both these wands is adjustable).

"Radiator repairs or tractor replacements are expensive," said Jerry Crum, CEO of Cow Creek Ranch House, the company that has created Radiator Genie. "Tractors aren't just complicated pieces of machinery, they are important parts of people's livelihoods. We wanted to make it easier for people to take care of their equipment investments."

The Radiator Genie was recently featured on the Successful Farming Machinery Show in November 2012, where it was named one of the "Top 17 Christmas Gifts for Farmers." Cow Creek Ranch House also presented on center stage at Successful Farming's "All Around The Farm, Inventor's Showcase" as a part of Ag Connect 2013.

With two different package designs appealing to varying buyers' needs, the uses for the product are almost endless. Already sold by over 600 dealers nationwide and in Canada, the Radiator Genie is available through tractor dealerships, ATV dealers, farm and feed stores, auto parts stores and Snap On tool dealers. Cow Creek Ranch House has also signed an agreement with the buying group Mid-States Distributing Company that has over 700 retail stores. The Radiator Genie is available online at for immediate purchase, priced at $34.95 for a package containing both air and water wands.

About Radiator Genie

Radiator Genie is an innovative, patent-approved line of water- and air-cleaning wands for high efficiency cooling systems and all types of radiators. Created by Jerry Crum on his family ranch in Oklahoma, the Radiator Genie allows owners to extend the life of critical machinery and vehicles by keeping their radiators clean to prevent overheating.

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