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August 20, 2007 08:15 ET

Radiient's New Repeat-6™ HDMI Distributor Simplifies Delivery of HD Content for the Home Theater Market

Facilitates Distribution of an HDMI Signal From One Source to as Many as Six Displays or Receivers Simultaneously

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - August 20, 2007) - Radiient Technologies, Inc., a recognized emerging growth leader in the HDTV and Home Theater markets, announced today the release of its new Repeat-6™ Six Output HDMI Distributor, which facilitates easy set-up and playback of audio-video media from any HDMI source.

Specifically, Repeat-6 allows delivery of a signal from a single HD source, such as a Blu-ray disc player, to as many as six displays or receivers simultaneously. The Repeat-6 automatically determines the highest common format that multiple displays or receivers can accept. This capability makes the Repeat-6 well suited for use with any combination of displays and receivers, regardless of their brands.

"We expect the Repeat-6 system will prove invaluable to home theater designers and installers, as well as to restaurants, trade shows and HDTV retail outlets," said Jano D. Banks, Radiient's President and CEO. "All of them will appreciate being able to blast the same HD content to six displays all at once."

All Radiient products incorporate the High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI, which is the hardware technology that allows transmission of high definition video and audio signals over a single digital cable.

Radiient's Repeat-6 is the only distributor that is HDMI, HDCP and SimplayHD certified. Also, Repeat-6 has been tested and guaranteed to perform at Full HD 1080p, which supports high-end LCD, plasma displays and other HD media sources. These sources include DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, PS3, Xbox Elite, HD satellite and cable set top boxes, and HDMI PCs.

Radiient designed the features of the Repeat-6 to make installation easy for professional installers and "do-it-yourself" consumers. For example, the Repeat-6 has both front and back Panel IR windows. Set up can be managed by either an IR remote or RS-232 serial port. The Repeat-6 can be equipped with automation control files that are available as downloads from Radiient's website,

Other Radiient products on the market are the Select-4™ HDMI Switch/Repeater and a consumer version, the Select-4ce™ Switch/Repeater. The Select-4/4ce series provides connectivity simultaneously from four different sources to one display or receiver. Like the Repeat-6, the Select-4 line has passed the stringent HDMI Authorized Test Center's Compliance requirements at 1080p resolution and is certified SimplayHD compliant.

HDMI enables a common benefit for the Select-4/4ce and Repeat-6 configurations. Fewer cables run between devices; four cables from four sources to the Select-4, and one cable runs to the display. For a system using the Repeat-6, one cable runs into the Repeat-6 box and six cables run out to the displays.

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Radiient Technologies, Inc. was founded in July, 2005, in Santa Clara, CA. The Company specializes in providing innovative technology and products that meet consumer needs for the High Definition Digital television (HDTV) and Home Theater markets. Radiient's products capitalize on new digital technologies such as High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI, and Ultra-Wideband, UWB, to provide compelling new applications for home entertainment that are simple, easy-to-use and affordable.

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