Radio IP Software Inc.

Radio IP Software Inc.

September 15, 2009 09:21 ET

Radio IP Software Announces Version 5 of Its ipUnplugged® Mobile VPN Solution

New version enables mobile workers to take advantage of the power of 64-bit computing

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 15, 2009) - Radio IP Software, Inc. (, leader in mission-critical mobile data connectivity solutions, announced today the release of version 5 of its ipUnplugged Mobile VPN solution. The new version adds several enhancements, including 64-bit compatibility of Windows 7 and Windows Vista and improved guest access support with payment system integration.

The ipUnplugged Mobile VPN is designed to answer the needs of mobile government and other organizations adopting mobility and a flexible working environment. As the use of mobile devices increases, workers need remote, secure wireless access to their business applications and files. To meet this need, the ipUnplugged software securely and seamlessly connects the users to their network when moving within their office (LAN/Wireless LAN), public WiFi networks, their home and at any remote location with access to a 2G, 2.5G, 3G or 4G network.

"When customers have a mixed environment-some 32-bit users, some 64-bit power users-they need a solution that supports both types of platforms and ipUnplugged now does it all," said Patrick Tabourin, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Radio IP Software.

Thinking Ahead: New 64-bit OS Support and Windows 7 Ready

The newly enhanced ipUnplugged is designed to work with 64-bit versions of Windows that handle large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively and increase responsiveness for users switching frequently between multiple applications.

ipUnplugged users will now be able to utilize the Roaming Client Software on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system. ipUnplugged also supports Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

"From December 2009 on, all of our new computers will have the Windows 7 64-bit operating system. It's essential that all our key software vendors deliver 64-bit compatibility, and Radio IP Software has been responsive to that demand," said Steinar Bakstad, CIO at the Norwegian retail furniture chain Bohus.

"The usage of 64-bit devices is increasingly mainstream in our organization and something we foresee rapidly becoming widespread in our industry. We have been highly satisfied with the performance of the ipUnplugged Mobile VPN and we are even more pleased now that we can extend its use to all of our mobile workers," said Erik Myrstuen, CIO at Visma Retail AS.

Improved Internet Guest Access with Online Payment System Integration

The ipUnplugged Internet Access Control (IAC) feature allows customer organizations to securely grant limited and temporary Internet access for guests who are visiting their premises. As an example, temporary contractors and visitors to Government offices frequently require remote access to their own company systems. Alternatively, this feature can be used to provide managed guest Internet access at public sector buildings, libraries, schools, hospitals and other community venues.

The new version of ipUnplugged now integrates the IAC guest access functionality with online merchant payment systems such as PayEx ( PayEx, like most payment service providers (PSP), offers merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of methods including credit card and bank-based payments such as direct debit. Public sector and municipal government organizations can leverage this secure and easy-to-use paid guest access system as a revenue option.

ipUnplugged Version 5 - Always-On Mobile VPN with Location Aware Intelligence

The ipUnplugged Mobile VPN software, designed using the Mobile IP standard communications protocol and incorporating IPSec security standards, was acquired by Radio IP Software as announced in March 2009. The software connects remote workers such as mobile government professionals over any IP network as if they were in the office.

The ipUnplugged solution is enabled through its three product components: the Roaming Gateway, the Roaming Client and the Roaming Server. The Roaming Gateway is a highly advanced Mobile VPN gateway that manages personalized access rights for individual mobile users. The Roaming Client, software installed on the mobile device, provides a seamless and secure tunnel to the Roaming Gateway and relieves users from time consuming network configurations. The Roaming Server provides a scalable and powerful, yet user-friendly tool for network configuration, security management and group access management, making the service easy to administer and maintain.

Unlike many VPN products where the mobile user is expected to enable the VPN when connecting remotely, ipUnplugged is designed to be always-on. ipUnplugged has a built-in location awareness feature that ensures the Mobile VPN auto-connects whenever any network connection is available. Should the mobile user connect on a secure home network, ipUnplugged recognizes this and disables encryption for increased performance.

For further information on the new product, please download the product brochure in pdf format:

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