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September 29, 2015 09:57 ET

RadiumOne Awarded Multiple Patents for Its Proprietary ShareGraph® Technology

New Patents Reinforce the Value of Finding New Audiences Using Real-Time Social Signals and Analysis of "Dark Social" Sharing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2015) - RadiumOne, a leading global marketing technology company serving top brands and advertisers, has been issued four more patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for ShareGraph®. ShareGraph® is the company's proprietary technology that significantly increases the size of valuable audiences and boosts the performance of advertising across every digital channel. This brings the total number of patents awarded to RadiumOne for ShareGraph® to six.

ShareGraph® helps marketers find the mobile and web users most closely connected to their known customers through analysis and modeling of their customers' online sharing behaviors. Effectively, it's translating petabytes of social activity data into new customers for RadiumOne's brand marketing clients.

ShareGraph® is a portfolio of algorithms that analyzes RadiumOne's proprietary data about consumer sharing activities and constructs a social graph comprised of nodes representing online users and edges representing the connection between online users defined by sharing activities between them. The recently issued patents recognize RadiumOne's unique approach to constructing a social graph for digital advertising that exists outside of the walled gardens of social networks. The patents also establish RadiumOne's rights to an application for selecting and delivering personalized digital content to both the sender and the recipient of shared content within the social graph that ShareGraph™ creates.

"For far too long, coveted consumer clusters have existed beyond the reach of marketers, who have a lot of data about their customers but don't have the technologies and methodologies to 'connect the dots,'" said Dimitri Vaynblat, chief technology and data officer, RadiumOne. "ShareGraph® helps marketers sift through petabytes of social activity to find these consumers by assessing their correlation, based on sharing activity, with those who know them best -- their friends and peers."

The patents granted to RadiumOne protect the company's exclusivity on a range of processes and technologies pertaining to ShareGraph®, including:

  • The selection and delivery of personalized digital content to both the sender and the recipient inside a mobile application as well as on a web site when both are part of the social graph built via ShareGraph®.
  • The application of ShareGraph® technology to "Dark Social" (sharing between online users that occurs through copying and pasting content into an email or text message).
  • The methodologies employed to assign more weight to connections between two users when content sent by a first user is received by a second user, and the second user performs additional activity after receiving the content. These additional activities could include re-sharing or the second user making a purchase.
  • The methodologies employed to reduce the weight assigned to connections between two users when no additional sharing activity has occurred between them.

"The challenge for brands is not aggregating data but analyzing it and using it to find their next customers rapidly and accurately," said RadiumOne CEO Bill Lonergan. "These patents stand as testament to the leadership position we've taken in creating new technologies that reveal valuable audiences for marketers and boost their advertising performance across every digital channel. We continue to pioneer the use of data from 'Dark Social' sharing -- the email and text message-based sharing that goes on out of the detection of major web and mobile analytics software -- through technologies such as ShareGraph® in order to drive exceptional results for our marketing clients."

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